On the Internet, you’ll find hundreds of articles that offer advice for crowdfunding campaigns. From how to succeed to how to define it from scratch. To tell the truth, among all the content, there are always tips that aren’t entirely helpful. Or that don’t work for everyone. Today we’ll tell you 4 crowdfunding tips that aren’t always useful.

4 crowdfunding tips that don’t always work

It’s not our intention to defame anyone. Many crowdfunding experts offer (in good faith) great tips to succeed. Although unfortunately, some of these tips are very trite and aren’t really useful as they seem. They may work for you and not for someone else. Anyway, let’s start:

1. Share your campaign in Facebook groups

We all understand the importance of using social networks to promote our campaign. Especially Facebook, perhaps the most important of all. Many people usually promote and share their campaigns in groups within this social network. Which seems to be useful, but in the end this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive contributions.

Unfortunately, many of the Facebook groups to promote campaigns are just that. Campaign creators are limited to merely posting and people in these groups almost never support other campaigns. The only good thing you can get from this activity is to have others share your campaign. What could help you increase visits.

how to promote your crowdfunding campaign in facebook groups
If you plan to promote your campaign in Facebook groups, do it in groups focused on the area of ​​your campaign. Take into account the rules of these groups in account to the promotion. Source: Postcron.com

2. Contact an influencer or Internet personality

This advice has been openly recommended. Even on our platform you’ll find an entry dedicated to the topic. And it’s not that we want to contradict ourselves, because if this advice is applied well it can be useful. When does this advice ceases to be useful? When we expect the actions of this influencer or Internet personality to do all the work.

The fact that a famous person dedicates a post to your campaign on social networks doesn’t guarantee contributions. Why? Since this person has their own followers that may be totally disconnected from ​​your campaign’s area. Again, if your campaign is (for example) on technology, the ideal is to contact a knowledgeable influencer of this topic.

influencer marketing in crowdfunding
Search preferably for influencers whose audience is adept to the main theme of your campaign. Source: 1and1

3. Have an account on social networks with many followers

The problem here is that many people think that having many followers is equal to having a large audience. And we say this considering that a spread advice (and by us too) is that it’s impossible to make a campaign with few followers. But in the case that you have an account with many followers, it’s not recommended that you use it in your campaign.

In crowdfunding, the followers obtained are meant to be organic and natural. People genuinely interested in your idea and with the possible willingness to support you and give a contribution. If you plan to use an account with many followers, be it to redirect potential contributors to an alternate account for to your campaign.

crowdfunding social media promotion
There’s a big difference between having a large number of followers interested in your campaign that a large number of followers obtained at random. Source: Search Engine Journal

4. Pay for advertising of any kind

We’re not against advertising. Properly focused, it can be very useful to promote your campaign. But this involves doing a marketing study and identifying which segment of people you should go to. We don’t recommend paying for advertising that’s simply limited to placing an image of your campaign and some text.

If you don’t know what you’re investing your money, it’s best not to waste it. In any case, if you insist on it, the best thing is an advertising strategy or plan with the help of an expert. That way, you’ll know what kind of content is ideal and how the message should be. And what’s the best way to do it effectively.

advertisement crowdfunding campaign
Advertising seeks mainly to publicize products or services. Is your campaign lending itself to allow paid advertising? Source: Networker.cl

4 Crowdfunding Tips That Aren't Always Useful 1

4 Crowdfunding Tips That Aren't Always Useful 1

In some cases, you’ll realize that it’s not always bad advice. Rather, it’s about advice that doesn’t guarantee success or that’s not applied appropriately. We invite you to always investigate on your own about useful tips for crowdfunding. So that you can find the ones that best suit your needs and that you can carry out.

We thank you for reading this entry. We hope you liked it. Please, we invite you to share it on your social networks. That way you offer interesting content to your friends and help us reach more people.

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Not all advice is good advice…