Sometimes crowdfunding success stories aren’t necessarily about achieving a lot of money. But have a relatively low goal and surpass it unexpectedly. That was the case of these crowdfunding campaigns in Latin America, which became successful in our continent.

Success stories of crowdfunding in Latin America

There are many countries in Latin America where lots of successful crowdfunding campaigns have been created. And sooner rather than later we can realize that there are hundreds of campaigns. Which is a good indication that in our continent, there are many possibilities to achieve dreams and goals.

When we talk about “success stories” in crowdfunding, it’s common for many to think of a campaign that has raised a lot of money. But as we said at the beginning, this isn’t entirely true. A campaign that has had a goal but has exceeded it by more than 100% or 200% can also be considered a success. As it happened in these 4 campaigns:

PAKA, the alpaca wool sweater

Kris Cody is a man who was traveling through Peru when he bought a sweater made of alpaca wool. When he returned to his homeland, he realized that this sweater was the one that best suited his lifestyle. So he decided to return to Peru to find artisans and weavers to make this type of sweaters. In order to make it his project.

After gathering a group of people to get support, a crowdfunding campaign began in order to finance PAKA. A line of sweaters made with Peruvian alpaca wool. It’s light, soft, resistant to odors and hypoallergenic. Although its goal started at $20,000, it managed to overcome it dramatically, obtaining a total of $347,378.

Raspberry Shake, your own seismograph

A group of Panamanian engineers gave rise to a rather peculiar invention. We’re talking about Raspberry Shake, a sensor-digitizer that records earthquakes of approximately magnitude 2 and above within a radius of 300 miles. But it can also register vibrations and tremors of all kinds, such as those produced by a moving truck.

The small device allows you to capture small local or regional earthquakes. The collected data can be viewed on a computer or smartphone through the right software. In short, it’s possible to monitor soil movement and record it. The goal of its campaign started at $7,000 but surprisingly, it reached $99,258!

MOVA, the Colombian jacket for cyclists

This is a garment designed and made exclusively in Colombia. It was an idea of the Colombian Daniela Zapata, the Frenchman Roland Harper and the German Simon Zimmer. The three of them are lovers of cycling and therefore wanted to create something to help other cyclists like them.

Then that’s when Mova was born, a waterproof jacket, with pockets of various sizes, reflectivity to light and a lot of style. It all began with its first crowdfunding campaign, which initially had a goal of only $5,000. But it drew so much attention that it made a total of $132,102. Mova is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors for everyone.

The magical adventure of Heart Forth, Alicia

We already had the opportunity to talk about this case in the past. This is one of the crowdfunding campaigns that has raised the most funding in Mexico. And it comes from Alonso Martin, a Mexican video game developer and creator of the video game called: Heart Forth, Alicia.

In this RPG platform game we see a young magician named Alicia, who must embark on an adventure to save her homeland, the island of Auster. And at the same time rescue her friend Höstra and prevent an evil caused by Elthëlian, the Spirit of Light. The efforts of this campaign paid off because it raised $232,365 from its goal of $60,000.

Through all these campaigns, we can observe the hard work of many people who managed to achieve success. And while achieving the goal in a campaign depends on many factors, organization and preparation are always vital. All left is to hope that this influx of success continues to increase among entrepreneurs in Latin America.

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It’s always good to see the success in crowdfunding in Latin America!