Costa Rica, like many other countries in Latin America, hasn’t fallen behind in entrepreneurship. Fortunately, the creation of projects and businesses that have managed to finance themselves through crowdfunding has been encouraged. And these 4 success stories of Costa Ricans with initiative will show you.

Crowdfunding campaigns in Costa Rica

From different cities, many Costa Ricans have generated very interesting ideas. Both for the benefit of their communities and to create their own businesses. Among other projects that have resorted to crowdfunding to obtain the financing they require in order to be carried out. Let’s get to know 4 successful crowdfunding campaigns in Costa Rica:

The third season of “La Vuelta”

This is a comedy web series that revolves around two young men. Both of them called Raúl. Showing their tribulations and misfortunes while trying to “make a comeback” (“hacer vuelta”, a popular expression in Costa Rica used to refer to buying marijuana). It has 1,815,837 visits on its YouTube channel, ViddyFilms, which also has 19,044 subscribers.

The series’ productions house is totally independent and through a large team it managed to produce 2 seasons. But to create a third season, Raúl Cabrera (Costa Rican creator and producer) decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to finance it. Something he achieved successfully, exceeding the goal and raising $16,002.

Rescuing coral reefs in Costa Rica

We move to a project aimed at the environment. The Costa Rican non-profit Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF) seeks to protect coral reefs located in the Marine Sector of the Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG). In the Pacific Northwest of Costa Rica, Gulf of Papagayo. Inside a specialized research laboratory.

To carry out the task, it was necessary to rejuvenate this laboratory in the biological station of Santa Rosa. By buying scientific and chemical equipment to carry out the work. In order to raise money to acquire them, this organization started a fundraising campaign. Through which they managed to reach the goal and raise a total of $16,861.

Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund Crowdfunding Campaign
The team behind the protection and rescue of the coral reefs in Costa Rica, members of the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund. Source: Kickstarter

“The Return”, a film by Hernán Jimenez

Once again, a movie appears on the list. But we’re talking about a very special case. Hernán Jiménez is a Costa Rican film director known in his country for works such as A ojos cerrados (2010) and the most recent one, Entre nosotros (2016). In 2011 he would release one of his most acclaimed films, The Return (El Regreso).

It’s about the story of Antonio, a 30-year-old young man who, after living a decade in New York, returns to visit his family in Costa Rica. Seeing himself in need of staying after losing his passport and then trying to find his past. Jiménez was in need of a campaign to finance the postproduction of the film. He was able to exceed the goal and raise $57,341.

Irazú Project: The first Costa Rican satellite

This is undoubtedly one of the most entrepreneurial projects financed by crowdfunding in Costa Rica. The Irazú Project is an initiative created by the Central American Association of Aeronautics and Space (ACAE) and the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC). Which aimed to launch “Irazú”, the first Costa Rican satellite to outer space.

The work required exactly $75,000, which was the goal of a crowdfunding campaign that was made to raise the money. This project attracted much attention in Costa Rica, since it was a space exploration program never seen before. Among a vast amount of people, $81,369 were raised. Currently, the satellite was successfully launched and is already in orbit.

All these successful campaigns do nothing but show the great entrepreneurial skills of Costa Rica. A country that in spite of the crisis and social conflicts, has managed to boycott the adversities and allow these successful projects to be born. Becoming an icon of the Latin American potential for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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