Many people are looking at crowdfunding successes like Pebble yearning for the same. But they stay looking too long that they forget to care about themselves. Maybe it’s time to reveal some secrets that few know about collective financing. Do you want to be successful in your crowdfunding campaign? Come and read this entry.

Crowdfunding secrets

If there’s one thing we know very well, it’s that success in a crowdfunding campaign can be very relative. Which doesn’t that nothing can be done to influence the results. For that same reason, we have compiled a number of secrets from people who have had successful crowdfunding campaigns. Which we’ll share with you today.

1. Plan the launch of your campaign

This is something we have repeated many times in the past, to the point of exhaustion. But this has a purpose, there were campaigns whose success was based mainly on the fact that they made themselves known early on. One of them was Pilot, a pair of headphones that translate languages ​​automatically created by Andrew Ochoa, executive director of Waverly Labs.

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What does his campaign have to do with yours? First, his idea was very innovative and attractive. Just like yours could be. But he understood that it alone wasn’t enough, so he began to publicize his campaign long before launching it. Using the means that were within their reach: the press, social networks, content marketing and digital marketing.

Now it combines all this with the fact that Ochoa’s product was completely revolutionary. Something that undoubtedly solved the problems of many people. This allowed the crowdfunding campaign to reach the goal of $75,000 in the first 15 minutes. But look out! This wasn’t done by magic. It was because there were a large number of people who looked forward to the arrival of the campaign. Whose perks had already been mentioned as well.

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2. You have to “sell” your campaign to the public

Something that absolutely anyone interested in doing a crowdfunding campaign must know is that they should get going. Even if your idea, proposal or need might be very interesting, you won’t get financing if you only publish the campaign. As if you were selling a product, you have to take your campaign and sell it to potential contributors.

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Don’t get so wrapped up in the qualities, but in how your campaign benefits your audience. What problem of theirs do you solve through it? How can they benefit from your campaign? And if yours is about a non-governmental organization (NGO), how will it address the problems it intends to solve or help people who need support?

Ryan Grepper, the entrepreneur behind The Coolest Cooler, says that a common mistake is to focus on a campaign from a passionate perspective. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to do business or address a problem that requires attention. He considers that this is very important since it allows us to understand the true importance of crowdfunding.

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3. Your campaign’s pitch video must show what matters

If you’ve read our previous entries, you may have noticed that we’ve also highlighted the pitch video of the campaign. That includes what we always say: you don’t need to have a professional camera or have a high quality production team. But if you do have it, it wouldn’t be bad for you to use it. In the end, regardless of resources, the important thing is that the message is seen.

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What do we mean? We once again mention the case of Andrew Ochoa with Pilot, who wrote about the pitch video he made for his campaign. Both he and other successful crowdfunding people recommend focusing on just one thing for the video. In the benefits that potential contributors will obtain when they contribute money to your campaign.

Don’t talk about the specifications of your proposal or how you came up with the idea. You can write that in the main page of your campaign. If it’s a product, show how it solves some problem or benefits the user in the pitch video. Remember that more than anything, your goal is to convince contributors to contribute their money for your cause.

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These secrets are the key to the success of crowdfunding…