You’ll have seen us many times in the past taking about the wonders of crowdfunding. And how the whole planning, duration and final process elapses. However, things may not always go the way you expect it. Today we’ll talk about negative aspects of crowdfunding you should be aware of.

Negative aspects of crowdfunding

No matter how many success stories we tell you, there’s no guarantee your campaign will end in the same way. Like everything, there’s always something that could go wrong. Our intention isn’t to scare you by telling you this, but to let you know what could happen and act accordingly.

We’ll talk a about a set of risks, repercussions and bad things that could happen in a crowdfunding campaign. As well as other inconvenient situations that might also occur during its duration. So by all means, please pay close attention:

Psychological exhaustion

As strange as it may seem, leading a crowdfunding campaign can be exhausting. It requires paying attention to a large number of aspects: rewards, contributions, the community’s growth, promotion, etc.

If you’re working on your own or with a very small team, it could be overwhelming for you. Unless you’re fully capacitated for it, never overload yourself with responsibilities. Because halfway through it you could lose enthusiasm and energy.

crowdfunding stress
As it can happen with work stress, the responsibility of running a crowdfunding campaign in its entirety can be exhausting for some. Source:

Negative responses from people

This is a topic that’s not usually addressed in crowdfunding. But many people don’t like being asked money. And depending on the cause you seek to finance, it’s possible that you’ll receive unpleasant comments or replies from people when you reach out to them.

It doesn’t mean that the majority of the people will do it. But you must be prepared to deal with this kind of people in the best way possible. Never reply to them in the same way, always thank them for their attention and bid them farewell with courtesy.

negative messages people crowdfunding
You must be prepared to receive messages and negative responses from people. Some will be polite, but others may have an unpleasant attitude. Source: natcshow at BY 2.0

Nuisance or boredom in your community

As you already know, consistency in communication is important to maintain visits and get contributions. However, if you do it too often or with a very repetitive message, you could have the opposite effect. What does this mean…?

It’s possible that this will cause discomfort to your group of followers. And even people close to you. Who could even think you have an obsession with your project. Or you could also give the impression that you’re very desperate to get the money.

community nuisance crowdfunding
More of the same? Be careful to not be repetitive, monotonous or too pressing when you make posts about your campaign. You can inform your contacts in advance that it is a temporary process. Source:

Stagnation of rewards

While many people contribute by appreciation to your campaign, another large part will do so for a reward. If your campaign offers them, they’ll be a key aspect to help you raise the entire goal of your campaign. But since they have a limit, there’ll come a time when the rewards will be over.

You can solve this by adding new rewards to your campaign. But this may mean getting more money to secure shipments and deliveries. Although a solution to this problem may be to offer rewards that don’t involve shipping. To save your money.

depletion of rewards crowdfunding
Most campaigns do not exhaust the total amount of rewards they offer. But it is ideal to continue offering rewards (with awareness) in order to obtain contributions. Source: Free great picture

These are four negative aspects that could arise in a crowdfunding campaign. And we repeat, your campaign may be successful and reach the goal. But that doesn’t mean you may not encounter these problems. Research and find out everything you can before launching your campaign.

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Always remember to be alert…