In the world of crowdfunding hundreds of stories have arisen, which aren’t always completely true. You have probably seen or imagined some of them. The truth is that many experts have studied this topic very closely. Therefore, today we’re going to bring to light which of these are myths and which is the reality.

Myths vs. Reality

Interestingly, many of these myths were spread over the Internet thanks to articles, blog entries and crowdfunding tutorials. Although the majority didn’t do it with bad intentions, it’s worth noting that this caused these myths to go around the web.

In order to prevent someone else from believing something that’s not true, today we’re going to unravel this web of myths. We’ll also include several of them that were disclosed in the web or that have already been denied by experts. Let’s get down to it.

“My crowdfunding campaign starts when it’s published”

Be careful with this! This is one of the most proliferated myths of crowdfunding. For your crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you need to create a plan before launching it. We have stressed this over in several past entries and many experts also mention this.

“The only people who can contribute are rich people”

Not necessarily. The audience of a crowdfunding campaign is divided into wealthy people as well as middle class people. Anyone who has money to contribute and sees a campaign that catches their eye, will have no problems contributing.

“Crowdfunding is easy and it’s just about creating a campaign and voilà!”

[bctt tweet=”Only 1% to 2% of the money raised in crowdfunding campaigns will come from the community of the platform you use. And it should be noted that it’s a standard that’s practically fulfilled in all platforms.” username=”solidaridadla”]

Therefore, it’s important to make a network of contacts before starting a campaign. We explained this in the past in one of our entries, where we talked about the importance of creating this network of contacts. Something that should be done before publishing a crowdfunding campaign.

“The most popular crowdfunding platforms are the ones that really work”

This isn’t completely true. There are hundreds of crowdfunding platforms, each aimed at a specific target and audience. However, using the most popular ones doesn’t guarantee success. Believe it or not, there’s a high number of campaigns with $0 raised on recognized crowdfunding platforms of the market.

“Having a good idea is enough to get me funded”

Again, this is not 100% true. Crowdfunding has proliferated so much in recent years that there are hundreds of innovative projects on technology, films, medical care, etc. And many of them usually have the full package: a pitch video, a detailed perks plan and a striking page. But they haven’t had the success they expected.

“The crowdfunding platform is the one that’ll give me the money”

In your dreams! Crowdfunding platforms are just that, a digital platform. Through it, the whole process that makes up the crowdfunding campaign is carried out. They aren’t there to automatically contribute money to your campaign. That’s the work of contributors. And it’s your job to get their attention so they can contribute money to your campaign.

“Crowdfunding is for millennials!”

Actually, no. Studies indicate that people who use crowdfunding tend to be around 25 to over 40 years old. The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity determined in 2013 that people over 45 years of age comprised 30% of all US entrepreneurs. Which doesn’t mean that a millennial can’t do a crowdfunding campaign.

We hope that after reading this entry you avoid jumping to hasty conclusions. We’re sorry if telling you all this was a disappointment, but it’s the truth. However, don’t lose heart. Now that you know the truth, you’ll know how to prepare yourself to create a crowdfunding campaign.

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Never fall into the myths of crowdfunding…