We know very well that crowdfunding can be used for many purposes, not only business, social accounts also count, and there are medical cases, that is, doctors and patients seeking funds to finance their health.

If a bacon soap can be financed with crowdfunding, why not a person who asks for help to pay for their treatment? Now on crowdfunding platforms there are many moving stories of people looking for hope to continue living.

The cost of health

We all know that health is one of the main rights and needs of human beings. Good health guarantees you can enjoy more life and other rights. But … what happens when it becomes inaccessible? Well, that’s where crowdfunding comes in.

In itself, making everyone in Latin America have access to health is a challenge in Latin America, because the social and economic inequality facing the continent is still quite marked.

Moreover, according to a study by the World Health Organization a major obstacle in the advance towards universal access to health is the lack of financing, the figures indicate the average public health expenditure of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. , does not exceed 4%.

For this reason, many people turn to crowdfunding platforms as a resource to obtain this financing that patients need so much.

Discover How Crowdfunding Works For Medical Purposes 1

The Case of Doctors Without Borders

Not only are individual people who resort to crowdfunding, NGOs and Non-Profit Foundations also resort to this measure, as it is the case of Doctors Without Borders.

They were located in a sector where there is much more poverty and economic problems, which is in the Asian region, working with countries such as Syria or the Philippines. The campaign lasted a total of 100 days and the money raised was used to provide treatment to those suffering from malaria or malnutrition.

Stories that connect

As previously explained, in Latin America a lot of funding is needed at a medical level, especially diseases whose treatments are quite expensive, such as chemotherapy, a heart transplant, or a pacemaker.

But not everything is black, in the world there are many people with a supportive heart who have helped several Latin Americans to raise the funds they need to recover their health.

Help Roballo beat cancer

The first case is from Venezuela, it is a teacher, Luis Roballo, who teaches integrity through swimming. In his athlete career he had to overcome thousands of obstacles, also, thousands of targets, but now he faces something much bigger: Cancer.

The diagnosis signaled a malignant tumor in the appendix when he was admitted in an emergency on March 28 for what appeared to be a simple appendicitis. After the bad news, his son, decided to create the campaign to be able to afford the treatment of his father and that he can continue swimming.

The initiative yielded totally positive results as it exceeded the goal of $ 5,000, collecting $ 6,698 through 107 people.

Discover How Crowdfunding Works For Medical Purposes 2
Roballos´s Campaing to fight cancer. Source: Gofundme

The strange cancer of Doris

The second case comes from Mexico, its protagonist is Doris, a woman who had already been operated for a cancerous tumor in the liver in September 2017. However, her disease turned out to be out of the ordinary so they detected new cells

The good thing is they got a way to treat this condition, the bad thing is that it has to go at least once a month to New York to apply the treatment, this makes the medical expenses are higher than usual, fortunately, for that There is crowdfunding, to help in this type of cases.

The family of Doris opened a fund with the goal of 41,402.59 Mexican pesos exceeding the goal to 115%. Another happy ending for a Latin American family.

The cases do not stop there, as there are many more around the world and throughout the continent. Knowing that there are still many people willing to collaborate, it fills us with eagerness to continue expanding the culture of collaborative economy in the continent.

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Crowdfunding for medical purposes ends in happy endings