Birthdays, reunions with friends, bachelor parties, these are all reasons to have a party. An event in which everything is fun and joy. But like all good things, it requires having money to carry out a corporal. Taking into account that crowdfunding exists, will it be possible to finance a party in this way?

Using crowdfunding to make a party

Let’s see, we have crowdfunding to create companies and to help people. So, what can be done to create a campaign to finance a party? In spite of how bold the idea sounds, it’s possible to campaign. In fact, campaigns have been carried out precisely for this purpose. With surprisingly successful and positive results. Although it’s hard to believe, there are even platforms to finance parties with crowdfunding.

When it comes to personal events, an unexplored market niche was seen by some entrepreneurs. That’s where crowdfunding platforms for parties like Crowdtilt and Eventbrite came from. Although mainly in the United States. In any case, we have already proven that it’s possible to finance a party. And not only that, any other personal event such as a wedding, birthdays, meetings with friends, etc.

How to finance a party with crowdfunding?

The first thing that should be taken into account is the platform where the campaign will be made. Does it allow this type of campaigns? If so, start planning your campaign. When it comes to a party or any personal event, you always have to take several things into account. The first is how much money you’re going to spend to make the party. It’s important to establish a reasonable goal that isn’t too high. Make a fair and fixed budget the goal.

This type of campaigns don’t require much preparation. But it’s necessary to have a group of people who are willing to help. Mainly friends and also, guests to the party who also want to contribute to it. It’s possible that people that won’t make it might make a donation. The campaign’s duration shouldn’t be very long (maximum 4 weeks or 1 month).

planning a party crowdfunding
When planning your party, consider how many people confirmed their attendance. How many utensils and supplies do you need? If you’re going to rent somewhere, etc. Source: Goop

Another factor to take into account is when the campaign will be launched. It’s not advisable to post it in times of high expenses. As for example, Christmas seasons or specific festivities. Because people don’t have money available to contribute to these causes. It’s not mandatory to add rewards, but doing so can increase the excitement between your group of friends and guests.

At all times, communication with people in social networks must be maintained. So once the campaign is live, you can take advantage of the momentum and start receiving money in its first days. If everything goes well, it’s very likely that the goal will be exceeded. Finally, during and at the end of the campaign, always appreciate the support you’ve received.

social media party crowdfunding
Maintain good and constant communication with your friends and guests on social networks. It’s a party! Excitement allows people to stay hooked. Source: Medium

Making a party with crowdfunding can be done without any kind of shame. This requires having a group of interested and friends. Being a personal event, it’s preferable to avoid viralization and excessive promotion of the campaign. If you plan to limit the party to a group of people in particular. Either way, using crowdfunding among friends to have fun for a while is a valid option.

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