It is impossible to ignore the affection a student may feel for their home or university. Students must take charge of which home where knowledge is created is in optimal conditions, that is why crowdfunding can be an alternative to improve your school.

To create optimal societies education is necessary, since it gives the population the tools to develop and be a professional, the countries where people are literate are much more prosperous. This means that the better education is, the better the quality of life.

It should be noted that this education must be of quality and this goes hand in hand with school or university infrastructure. According to UNESCO, the actors of the educational institution must have a minimum level of well-being in order to concentrate on learning.

Education Crowdfunding

But what happens if my school does not have enough funds? Well, that’s how crowdfunding can help, creating a campaign you can collect funds to improve the spaces of the institution. Here you will see how

Gather teachers and students

You must convince your fellow students of the needs of your high school or faculty, it is also essential that you talk with teachers to be part of your project, when you have a community aware of the failures of the institution, you can join to improve those spaces.

This example can be reflected in the campaign Un Click Salva Sueños in which it is appreciated as both students and teachers are concerned about rescuing the infrastructure of the faculty. In this case, the project leaders decided to face an economic and financial crisis creating a crowdfunding to generate the resources that will help them to restore their university.

Students Crowdfunding

Raise funds for extracurricular projects

Promoting extracurricular projects is also a good excuse to create a campaign, not necessarily have to go to the facilities of the faculty.

Undertake through educational events and get funding through crowdfunding are a good financial strategy to carry out the activity, in addition, it is always good for students to take an opportunity to continue learning outside of the educational classrooms.

This type of event can be a congress with expert speakers in the subject, a workshop or a series of courses to specialize in any subject. Another great advantage of doing this is that it would give great prestige to the university of the students who organize the event and it would be providing education in the community.

College Crowdfunding

Example of success

The young Shannon Raftery is a preschool teacher at The Roosevelt School in Philadelphia, created a campaign, which was aimed at improving the spaces of their students, so that they were colorful and pleasant for children. The reason was that she wanted the first thing the children see to be a cheerful space to motivate them to learn

I do not want a cold environment to ruin the first impression of the school that children have,” said the teacher.

The crowdfunding goal was $ 500 but ended up raising $ 870. With that money he was able to finance painting for the walls, cushions and beach chairs to give a more cozy air to the classroom.

How To Use Crowdfunding To Help Your School 1
Miss Raftery’s Classroom Fund. Photo: GoFundMe

The collective financing campaigns for educational purposes are nothing new, in fact according to the information provided by platforms such as GoFundMe, they affirm that the campaigns focused on education raised almost 140 million dollars in 2015.

Crowdfunding can have many purposes, one of them is to promote education at any educational level (from primary to university) and what is shown in this entry are examples that any student or designer can imitate. With great effort and passion the group of students or teachers can reach the goal to improve their educational spaces.

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Crowdfunding promotes education