Whether caring for the elderly in a geriatric center or teaching children with disabilities, there are many ways to be supportive. In various parts of the world, this work is often referred to as “volunteering.” Anyway, if you want to carry it out we’ll tell you how you can do it through crowdfunding.

How crowdfunding to help your community

In different parts of our world, it’s possible to see organizations that create community projects. Which are intended to address local problems or help people in need. The truth is that ordinary people have also made their own projects. This can also include non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

What’s more, if you feel generous and willing to help, you can create a project yourself. Which can be simply organizing one to address any problem in your neighborhood. But surely you’re thinking: “I need money to do it”. There we arrive with an answer: “Crowdfunding is your friend!”

Being a very useful fundraising tool, anyone can use it. Crowdfunding allows you to raise money to carry out your projects. Now, there are a couple of things you should take into account before creating a crowdfunding campaign to help your community.

What do you want to do for your community…?

Crowdfunding has allowed the most noble and transcendental actions of the world to take place. Perhaps the most famous example is that of the illustrious American journalist Joseph Pulitzer, who in 1885 called to people to donate money to move the Statue of Liberty. Using newspapers to encourage them to contribute.

Nowadays, the possibilities are endless. Crowdfunding has been empowered through the use of social networks, which allow people to finance all kinds of projects. Now, before doing something for your community you should ask yourself what you want to do. And taking into account that you must have a fairly clear and defined goal.

Consider that one of the things you’ll want to do is create awareness about a problem. Preparing an achievable and irresistible action plan that captivates the hearts of the people. Whether creating food packages for people in need, helping the animals, raising funds for a school… Now we’ll tell you how you can do it.

how to help a community
In various parts of the world, there are organizations that promote community service by doing all kinds of activities. But you yourself can lead your own project and take the initiative.

Touch the hearts of the people

One thing is your project (what you want to do to help your community) and another is how you transmit it to people. In a crowdfunding campaign there are three crucial things you must take into account: the description, the video presentation (or pitch video) and the perks (if any).

The description is about explaining what your campaign is about in the platform where it’ll be hosted. There, you should not only focus on writing what you want to do, but also on how to move your audience. You must always take them into account when you’re writing about your campaign, so that you want to be part of the experience.

When you make your pitch video, you should appear in it talking about your campaign. Use, if possible, all the audiovisual resources you have to create a quite compelling and descriptive video. And regarding to the perks, describe exactly what you’ll use each contribution for.

crowdfunding social issues
If possible, in the video of your campaign you can show other important things like the anecdotes of the people that help you and the place that’ll benefit from your campaign.

Exploits the potential of social networks and e-mail

Finally, you must learn to give identity to your project in social networks and make use of email. According to the Spanish crowdfunding consultant Valentí Acconcia, promoting your campaign on social networks is important, but the real factor in online marketing is e-mail.

You can enter various social networks and find people who are encouraged to contribute to your project. But it would be very convenient to get a list of emails to which you can send updates and details of your campaign. How can you do this…? Acconcia recommends using a landing page.

A landing page is a web page about your campaign (blog, website, etc.) to which people who click on a link to it are redirected. Which can be found in social networks or email. The strategy, according to Acconcia, is that this landing page contains a description and an explanatory video about your campaign (the same one you’ll use for this or a different one) and anything else you consider necessary.

landing page example
An example of landing page. With a description of what’s offered and the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter via e-mail. Source: Wishpond

Here you can invite your audience to subscribe to your campaign’s newsletter through RSS feed. This way you make sure that each email obtained is from someone who is interested in your campaign and will want to stay informed. Always try to approach groups of people that you know might be interested in helping you.

After this, you’re free to do other things like create an event or make phone calls. Which will help you create a community of people ready to contribute when you launch your campaign. This can take 2 to 3 months, but if you’re patient, you’ll be able to help your community with the help of many people!

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Get ready and help your community with crowdfunding!