Generally, politicians are expected to use their own resources to boost their political campaigns. Either by resorting to partner assistance or using their own money. However, what happens in countries where people don’t have easy access to this? Well, there’s crowdfunding for politicians, which is still valid today.

Crowdfunding for politicians and their history

We have spoken many times in the past about the history of crowdfunding. Which is a financing method that gradually reached all continents. Although faster in some than in others. It has diversified so much that we now have collective financing for all tastes.

As you might think, crowdfunding has allowed politicians to also finance their campaigns. In recent years, several crowdfunding platforms have been created to finance political projects. One of them is Crowdpac, of American origin.

Politics Crowdfunding Obama
Great figures of politics like Barack Obama have used crowdfunding. What made other politicians use this same strategy. Source: Crowdsourcing Week

Crowdfunding platforms for politics have also been developed in other continents and countries of the world. Like in Spain. And according to Universo Crowdfunding, minority political parties in this country used this financing method for their campaigns in 2015.

Over the years, political crowdfunding would begin to be more widely used openly. And it would allow certain political parties to find the financing they cannot find in a conventional manner.

How does political crowdfunding work?

In fact, political crowdfunding isn’t far from traditional. According to an article by Campaigns&Elections, a political candidate named Chris Rabb used this method of financing in 2015. Through a campaign he managed to obtain funds through his Facebook friends. It should be noted that he evidently had his own community.

With regard to the political world, crowdfunding can be used as a meter. Namely, a politician or political activist can use it to see if they have the support of the people. Not so much for the project that they seek to finance as such, but for this person themselves. Now, what kind of projects does political crowdfunding support?

Financing Politics
A crowdfunding campaign to finance a political campaign will test the ability of its creator to connect with people. Source:

Well, simply everyone who seeks to give a message to people. Or motivate people to act or support some cause. And success is about raising money in a short period of time. According to, doing a political campaign is expensive and can consume up to 80% of a budget. Therefore, crowdfunding is seen as a good financing alternative.

If you’re looking for a successful campaign, it’s important to make sure it’s transparent. This means that at all times the objectives of this must be clear. Regardless of the political ideology, if there’s no transparency in the campaign, there will be no contributors. To achieve this, we must create and maintain a community inside and outside the Internet. Constantly.

Politics Marketing Financing
Achieving the desired transparency and scope implies not only carrying out a crowdfunding campaign. But also using all available means to reach people. Source: Braincandy

As we said before, the success of a political campaign lies in the ability to reach the public. As unfair as it may sound, it’ll be difficult to obtain it without sufficient funds. Especially if you have a competition with greater economic power. Here, the important thing is to be able to fulfill the purpose of your political campaign through crowdfunding.

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