The altruistic spirit can appear in moments of high impact, as natural disasters are. In these cases, crowdfunding makes it possible to bring charity closer to the areas affected by the disaster. In this post we will review success stories.

This type of crowdfunding highlights the most altruistic side of the patrons, since they collaborate without expecting anything in return. Also, helping in the reconstruction of a city or a country that is very far from you is a beautiful work of charity. They are wonders that allow us crowdfunding platforms.

Technological advances represent the creation of new solutions for all kinds of situations, for example, crowdfunding allows the collection of monetary resources to access the reconstruction of infrastructure and the relief of those affected by the catastrophe. With collective financing anyone can collaborate and help with the repair of damages.

Crowdfunding for Natural Disasters: Success Stories 1
Damages that natural disasters have left in Mexico.

Success stories for the relief of Natural Disasters

Crowdfunding can serve to support various social and altruistic causes, including support in cases of natural disasters. Let’s see campaigns that have been successful:

The earthquake in Nepal

In April 2015, an earthquake of magnitude 8.1 shook Nepal leaving a myriad of disturbing damages. The destruction caused a humanitarian crisis that affected 9.5 million people, that is almost a quarter of the population.

Given this, there was a community that reacted to the disaster by creating crowdfunding campaigns. Even, the Facebook community came to solicit funds from users all over the world.

For example, in Indiegogo Life, a total of 287 projects were carried out and 2.6 million dollars were collected to help the humanitarian crisis that caused the earthquake. On the other hand, through Facebook, a total of another 2 million was raised with the help of donations.

Crowdfunding for Natural Disasters: Success Stories 2

The rescue in Mexico

The month of September was very difficult for all Mexicans, as they suffered one of the most terrible disasters in their history: an earthquake of magnitude 7.1, which killed 369 people, according to CNN.

In order to recover from the damage caused by the earthquake, the actors Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, who have high worldwide recognition, carried out a crowdfunding campaign to help their native country.

This campaign raised a total of 1,196,153 dollars through 14,757 people. 100% of the proceeds went to civil associations that would help rebuild Mexico City.

Crowdfunding for Natural Disasters: Success Stories 3
Source: Omaze

This is how crowdfunding can be useful in cases of natural disasters, since funds can be collected from anywhere in the world and collaborate with those who need it most.

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Crowdfunding reconstructs cities affected by natural disasters.