The migration crisis that has existed for centuries has always affected the world. And today is more present than ever, because we have families who don’t have the money to move to another country and have a better life. However, crowdfunding for migrants originated from there. And today we’ll talk about the subject.

Crowdfunding for migrants and what it’s about

At this point, we understand that crowdfunding can be used for several causes. One of them has become migration worldwide. Most experts agree that most people who migrate are almost always young. And they always do it to look for a better future.

According to the World Bank, more than 200 million people have migrated from 1960 to 2015. And it’s expected that this figure will continue to increase in the coming years. Migration is more common in countries where it’s considered that there are few opportunities. And for other reasons such as economic and political instability, war, unemployment, etc.

migration worldwide
Many times, migration in the world occurs precariously. Since families leave their homes to travel illegally, unprotected and vulnerable. Source: Hungary Today

Faced with all these problems, migrants seek to survive their circumstances. To achieve this they exhaust their resources to obtain money and be able to pay for transportation, food and sometimes lodging. But it’s not necessary to imagine how difficult this can be.

In spite of everything, the proliferation of crowdfunding has made migrants find support. Lately, migratory crowdfunding has become moderately popular among Latin Americans and Europeans. Those who seek to finance their needs through the help of others like them and their friends/family.

How is crowdfunding used for migration?

It should be noted that in regards to migration with crowdfunding, there are two cases. One is the particular possibility of an individual, family or group of people to campaign to emigrate. The other is to campaign (or make several ones) to help large numbers of refugees or migrants who move en masse.

The “individual” cases are those where an individual makes a campaign to migrate by themselves or with others. There are crowdfunding platforms like Migfunder that provide these services. And here basically people tell their story and turn to their relatives, friends or the general public to get money.

migration families individuals crowdfunding
Migratory crowdfunding for individual cases may be useful but doesn’t always end well. Because it leaves contributors with the possible option of giving money to people they consider more needed. Source: Credit Sesame

On the other hand, we have the cases that are to support broader migrations. There are organizations that create this type of campaign to help migrants in a specific country or region. And cases in which a person creates a campaign to help a certain group of people. Which is also valid.

According to HuffPost, the only problem is that this type of crowdfunding can’t always meet everyone’s needs. Contrary to individual cases, which are almost always to address a problem in the short term and with greater efficiency. That’s why sometimes it doesn’t always work for large groups.

crowdfunding to help migrants
Some experts fear that crowdfunding will cause people to stop helping foundations that support mass migration. Source: Sputnik International

Regardless of the negative aspects, crowdfunding for migrants can still be useful. If planned and carried out properly, it can help families and individuals move from one country to another. At least those who have the resources and support necessary to carry out the campaign.

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Would you use crowdfunding to migrate?