Crowdfunding is no longer used only for business and personal projects. Thanks to this method of financing, many people have managed to obtain money for a surgery, buy medicines and other medical costs. But how to do it properly? Today we’ll teach you how.

Using crowdfunding to finance medical treatment

This can be a sensitive issue. There are many things to take into account when starting a crowdfunding to pay for medical treatment. Something that’s not as easy as it seems, since on the Internet there are hundreds of people who are currently doing the same. And they’re also asking for support and money.

However, there’s no need to despair. There are different ways to make this type of crowdfunding and be successful. Perhaps one of the reasons why few people achieve it, is because they don’t know some of the things you’ll see today. Since they can be decisive in determining whether you’ll receive contributions or not.

Define very well what you need the money for

Ambiguities aren’t good in a crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, if you plan to finance some type of medical treatment you should be clear on what you’re looking for. For example: “I need $2,500 for a dental implant.” Or also: “My brother needs $ 3,500 for a cataract surgery on his right eye.”

Being specific with the treatment and the exact (and reasonable) amount of money will help motivate people. If you need money for several treatments at a time, specify in your campaign what they’re and what’s the exact and specific cost of each one. If you have an official budget, you can show a picture of it to inform your audience.

paying medical treatment with crowdfunding
The medical costs for any type of treatment will always vary from country to country. If necessary, you may have to convert your budget into the currency you need to get the money. Source: Thinking of Living in Thailand?

Get ready at least one or two months in advance

Launching your crowdfunding campaign immediately is not recommended. Because you could risk getting little or no money. If you have the possibility to prepare, take at least a month to do it. What should you do during this time? The first is to prepare your main audience: your family and friends.

In addition to this, during this time you must build your other audience in social networks. Start talking about the person who needs medical treatment (be it you or someone else) and the need to receive it. Also, if you can, try to contact key people who can contribute to your campaign or make it known.,

crowdfunding campaign medical treatment social media
Having a presence on social networks will be essential for your success. Source: Social Report

Work on the campaign’s presentation

Your goal is to appeal to the solidarity and compassion of the people. In the campaign’s description, you should make a brief summary of the life of the person who needs medical treatment. How’s their relationship with their family and friends. And also, a brief history about how the person developed the disease or ailment that requires treatment.

Describe how the treatment will benefit the person in question and how it’ll improve their life. Record a video where you (or the person who needs the treatment) appear where you explain all this sincerely. It details the budget and how the treatment in question will be as we said before.

medical treatment crowdfunding
Don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are. Nor to address things as they are. Source: Distinctive Life Funeral Homes

Define whether you’ll offer rewards or not

Rewards help incentivize and attract contributions, but in these cases they cannot always be offered. Offering rewards/perks in this type of campaign is very helpful, as it was the case of Doris Hagerman’s campaign. Who, being an artist, offered dance photographs and dining room sets to finance her treatment against cancer.

Of course, we recommend offering rewards that are within your reach. Never offer anything that you think you cannot deliver just to receive more contributions. But remember that you have no limits and you can offer all kinds of attractive things. In case you don’t offer rewards, you should be as persuasive as possible in the description of your campaign.

offer rewards medical crowdfunding
If you manage to offer rewards, you’ll differ greatly from the vast majority of campaigns that seek to finance medical treatments. Source: Memberful

Launch your campaign and keep active

Days before launching your campaign, keep your audience in expectation. Once your campaign is published, the goal is to raise between 30% or 40% of the goal in the first 3 or 7 days. Stay active in social networks to have constant visits to your campaign. Update at least 3 times a week.

Ask your family, friends and audience to share your campaign on social networks if they cannot contribute. You must dedicate time to your campaign, if you stop you risk to stagnate and stop receiving contributions. The moments where more contributions are received are the beginning and the end. Try to encourage the public at those times.

maintain activity social media crowdfunding medical treatment
Don’t be discouraged if half the way down the number of contributions you receive, you can increase them during the end of the campaign. Source:

The success of a crowdfunding campaign to finance medical treatment falls on several aspects. Weave a true and sincere story, knowing how to find support in your family and your friends and being able to obtain contributions. If you work on this carefully, you couldn’t only reach the goal of your campaign but also surpass it.

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Use it well and crowdfunding will be of great help!