At the time of raising funds, the artists have it difficult, since for anyone it is a secret what is badly seen (and how poorly paid) is this job. However, thanks to the development of technology there is an alternative to finance the work of many artists.

Unfortunately nothing in life is free, not even art. This means that independent artists have to work twice as hard to find the money they need to live.

Fortunately, technology advances and so does the economy. This gives way to crowdfunding, a method of financing in which emerging artists can turn to communities to raise funds and live on what they like to do most.

How crowdfunding works to finance art 1

Crowdfunding as a mechanism to finance art

For no one is a secret that both the banks and some governments can look with disdain on artistic projects, since they do not see productivity in this type of business. That is why crowdfunding can be used in case this type of funds turn their backs on artists.

The best thing about these funds is that they are democratized. This means that there is no institution that regulates the process between the designer and the contributors. Here artists have much more freedom to see their ideas materialized.

How crowdfunding works to finance art 2

Furthermore, according to the portal The Conversation, he points out that the creative industry is the engine for innovation and the economy. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the community to collaborate with the artistic heritage and preserve the generation of art in their country.

At the end of the day we all enjoy art in certain ways, whether through television, a museum or a magazine. A world without art would be a gloomy world, so we must ensure that independent artists have space to finance themselves and develop their art.

Success example: Descants & Cadences

There have already been cases of edges that use crowdfunding, as an example we have the creative Stephanie Law who turned to her community to fund her book of artistic illustrations. For Stephanie, the best thing about this initiative is that she has total freedom to exploit her creativity. There are no limitations.

His project is about an artistic book made with works of his authorship, his arts reflect part of his visions that represent them in creatures and fantastic insects full of colors of nature.

With this campaign, Stephanie was able to obtain $ 116,553 to finance her project. A great success for this artist and how she can have thousands.

If you are an artist and you want to make your crowdfunding campaign you can contact us through our chat and we will explain you step by step to be successful in a crowdfunding campaign

One way to support art is by sharing entries like this, so other artists can know that they have an alternative to finance their projects.

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Crowdfunding a way to support artists