When the “Law of Companies in a Day” was approved in Chile in 2013, there were very positive changes for entrepreneurs in this country. Who can now create their own start-ups more easily.

This gave way to an increase in Chilean innovation, which later expanded the interest of people in crowdfunding. Today we’ll study this subject closely.

Entrepreneurship in Chile

Like many Latin American countries, Chile is in one of the best positions in entrepreneurship. If we make an analysis, we’ll see that the majority of Chilean entrepreneurs are known by their passion. The Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (ASECH in Spanish), which was behind the approval of the Law of Companies in a Day, proves it.

One of the advances of entrepreneurship in Chile has been the creation of Start-Up Chile. An organization created by its government that seeks to accelerate the start-ups that come from this country. It also wants to increase the number of enterprises and promote technological innovation through them.

For example, this organization allowed SaferTaxi to reach Chile. And although this business came from two American Harvard graduates, it was thanks to the Chilean commercial engineer Cristobal Llugany that this was possible. He’s now the CEO of this company in this country, where it continues to work as a Latin American Uber counterpart.

SaferTaxi Crowdfunding
SaferTaxi is a business made for England, but since it couldn’t keep up with the competition it was taken to Latin America. Particularly to Chile, where it was a success as an entrepreneurship. Source: Southapps

But what about individual entrepreneurships? Some men of Generation X are a great example. Among them there’s Fernando Fischmann, a businessman and entrepreneur of the world of technology. Who created Crystal Lagoons, a company that creates artificial lagoons of crystal clear turquoise waters. This is an innovative technology that he developed. himself With more than 10 years of existence, his business is a success in more than 190 countries around the world.

The arrival of crowdfunding

In a country so rich in entrepreneurship, it’s to be expected that when crowdfunding arrived there was a lot of happiness. Especially for the creators of start-ups that suffered a lot just to obtain financing. But not everything was rosy, crowdfunding in Chile had very reserved beginnings as in many other Latin American countries.

Start-up Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding allowed start-ups or emerging businesses to be easily financed in Chile. Especially through the Internet.

The implementation of laws that protect the benefits and opportunities of entrepreneurs allowed for more start-ups to resort to crowdfunding. Currently, there are numerous crowdfunding campaigns in Chile that allow Chilean entrepreneurs to finance their businesses, companies or any project they have in mind.

It was thanks to crowdfunding that one of the most recognized start-ups in Chile was successful. We’re referring to Royal Llama, a set of yarns and wool created with llama fur. Which come from the Chilean Andes. It was driven by Jorge del Carpio and is perhaps the most financed crowdfunding campaign in Chile.

Royal Llama Chile Crowdfunding
Threads made with llama fur come in various colors. They have become one of the most traded products in Chile. Source: Kickstarter

However, we’re still falling short. There’s not enough space to highlight all the exceptional crowdfunding campaigns born in Chile. That they only help confirm that this country is a Latin American leader in the world of collective financing. One must not underestimate the capabilities they have for innovation and development. We see with admiration many Chilean businesses that reach a global scale thanks to crowdfunding.

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Chile hoists its flag as an icon of crowdfunding…