The feminist current has brought security so that women are motivated to undertake. Already in the business world you can see several cases of women being successful, now with crowdfunding the feminine power gives to talk about.

What is impressive about this trend is that women are more successful in crowdfunding campaigns than men. In fact, according to a study by Women Unbound, 17% of campaigns directed by men triumphed, while in the case of those led by women, 22% were successful,

The study also reflects that in the field of technology for each campaign created by a woman there are nine led by men, but women achieve 13% and men 11%.

4 Crowdfunding Campaigns Led By Women 1
Other departments where women outnumber men in crowdfunding camps

The most interesting thing is that this happens worldwide, at least in the case of Central America it is 13% against 6% and in South America it is 7% against 2%.

Made in Pryer: Ceremonial exhibition

This is an event of ceremonial dances and presentations of ancestral rituals, which serve to fill the spirit. The event is held with the purpose of promoting the art and music of past customs while attendees have an opportunity that fills their spirit.

Who orchestrates this campaign is Xango Shola, who asked $ 5,000 to hold his event and collected $ 6,150. In addition to being a successful successful woman in crowfunding campaigns, she is dedicated to creating spaces of peace and understanding through education, the search for wisdom.

She is also the creator of a nonprofit foundation called the Sacred Arts Research Foundation, which aims to promote the preservation of sacred arts.

4 Crowdfunding Campaigns Led By Women 2
Xana Shola. Source: Spirit Weavers

Uncanny Magazine on TV

A magazine for lovers of fantasy, this is the proposal of Uncanny, which has been created for four years through crowdfunding and now comes with everything to finish on TV. A project that has been creating its community for several years and has recognition of a Hugo Award in 2016 (recognizing the works of science fiction and fantasy). Already the field surpassed its goal that in the beginning was $ 18,700 and now they have $ 23,063.

The project collected funds to be able to print the magazine and to finance the production of a TV program that complements the content of the initiative.

The mind behind this project is Lynne M. Thomas, a writer and editor of fantasy works, she has won 5 Hugo awards and has edited other works awarded by the guild. Without a doubt, she is a woman who has taken advantage of her imagination.

4 Crowdfunding Campaigns Led By Women 3
Lyanne Thomas. Source: NIU Today

Magnetic eyeliner

This is the project that will make life easier for many women, it is a magnetic eyeliner to apply false eyelashes. Make up sometimes is not easy, but with this product it is easy to wear a beautiful look, the best thing is that it is water approved and it is very easy to remove.

The creator of this project is Laura Hunter, who was a beauty queen and has been in the field of beauty for many years as a photographer and make-up artist, and it is not the first time she enters the field of entrepreneurship, since before She owned Beyond Photography, a company that teaches photography courses.

Magic Domina

We already saw the success of table games in crowdfunding, this is another example, but adapted to the magical girls of an anime series. In if the plot of the game is to customize a girl who is granted magical powers to defeat evil.

The game is served through a book that gives you the indications of the story. The goal of the campaign was $ 10,000 and collected $ 16,332.

Its creator is Emily Reinhart, a creative young fan of the television series Sailor Moon. After seeing that there was no RPG that represented the magical girls, she decided to make her own game.

These are the simple samples of what women with great ideas can do. These women have been able to connect with their clients and with a community to make their dreams come true.


Crowdfunding drives success in women