Theater has existed for centuries and its impact on our culture continues today. But like everything that’s art, it always requires an investment or economic resources. How do people finance theater? There’s already an answer to that question, today we’ll see 5 crowdfunding campaigns aimed at the theater.

Crowdfunding campaigns about theatre

Theatre is an artistic expression that like many other known, needs money to be carried out. Why…? Since it requires hiring actors, scenography, paying for catering, transportation… Things that obviously require financial resources. As theatre itself is not very profitable, some people resort to crowdfunding.

Each of these campaigns consisted of people who needed to raise money for a theatrical production. Something for which it’s not always easy to obtain monetary funds, which makes these people (as we said before) look for alternative methods. Such as crowdfunding.

LATINO, a play about being Latino

The Chilean playwright Camila Le-Bert wrote a play entitled “Latino”, which explores the meaning of being Latin American. It combines music, humor and politics in a production that questions Latin stereotypes and talks about immigration and discrimination. A crowdfunding campaign was made, which managed to raise its goal of $2,500.

LATINO Camila Le-Bert Crowdfunding
A promotional poster of the play. Source: Kickstarter

ArreuG, a Mexican play on its way to Peru

AlaRieTe is a Mexican theater company whose play called “ArreuG” was selected to participate in the Itinerant Festival of Latin American Theater (FITLA, in Spanish) 2017. Which would take place in Lima, Peru. This play is about freedom of speech, forgiveness and the absurdity of greed. With a campaign they financed their flight, raising their goal of $2,500.

The inaugural season of Teatro Vista

Teatro Vista is a Latin theater company located in Chicago, United States. They moved to the Biograph Theater and decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. With the objetive of collecting money to make a series of plays and teach performing arts. Thanks to much effort, they raised more than their goal with $6,675.

Digitization of documents of the Archivo Gurrola

The Fundación Gurrola is a Mexican non-profit association that seeks to preserve and spread the work of Mexican artist and playwright Juan José Gurrola. It owns the Archivo Gurrola, where thousands of old documents relevant to this illustrious personage are kept.

They wanted to digitize 10 years of his work and for that they did a crowdfunding campaign, which was able to raise $18,199.

The Opera di Firenze carries the opera for everyone

The Opera di Firenze is an opera house located in Florence, Italy. One of the most influential and known in the world. The people behind this place wanted to do something revolutionary: bring the opera and make it accessible to everyone. Streaming it live on the Internet for everyone, with high technology. It was very successful, raising $379,260.

Theatre is without a doubt a wonderful art that managed to preserve itself in our culture. Although many people consider it unprofitable, it has been shown that there are ways to finance its productions. And crowdfunding is there to lend a hand!

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Crowdfunding is an excellent alternative to finance theatre!