Unfortunately, crowdfunding is not a foolproof financing method. And it’s just like traditional financing, it can fail and not be what you expected. That was exactly what happened to these campaigns, which looked very promising at first but failed to achieve their goals. Today we’ll show 5 of them.

5 crowdfunding campaigns that failed

When we talk about promising crowdfunding campaigns, we imagine that they achieved success. Although to tell the truth, the reality has been completely different. Some of these campaigns failed despite the fact that before everyone’s eyes, they were magnificent and exciting. Next, we’ll show 5 of these great campaigns that did not achieve their goals.

The romantic comedy of Melissa Joan Hart

The famous American actress Melissa Joan Hart, once tried to start a crowdfunding campaign to finance a film. It was “Darci’s Walk of Shame”, a romantic comedy about a woman who wakes up in a hotel with a hangover and must go home. Despite the efforts, the campaign barely got $51,605 from its goal of $2 million.

Ubuntu Edge, the “super smartphone”

A software company called Canonical was behind the creation of Ubuntu Edge. A smartphone with capabilities equal to that of a desktop computer and little more powerful. What characterized it and made it become known was having a $32 million goal. Although it received a lot of support, it didn’t meet its goal and only raised $12,814,216.

The Mamet sisters and their music video

Another campaign made by celebrities continues the list. Zosia Mamet, the American actress and music known for her role in Girls, made a crowdfunding campaign with her sister Clara Mamet to finance the production of the music video for their song: “Bleak Love.” But it ended in failure by only raising $2,783 of its goal of $32,000.

Zosia Mamet Kickstarter
Zosia and Clara Mamet make up a musical duo called “The Cabin Sisters”. Source: Pinterest

New York City Opera and its attempt to escape from bankruptcy

The theater called New York City Opera was created in 1943 by then mayor Fiorello La Guardia. In order to make opera accessible for everyone. After more than 70 years, this company had severe financial problems and tried to save itself with a crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, they filed for bankruptcy since they barely raised $301,019 from their $1 million goal.

New York City Opera Kickstarter
Renowned artists such as Plácido Domingo, Samuel Ramey and Shirey Berrett have passed through the halls of the New York City Opera. Source: Julie Skarratt Photography Inc

Magnote, the magnetic notebook

It’s a series of notebooks made by Orange Monkie that have the ability to stick together with magnetism. Offering a more orderly way to store them without messing them up. Interestingly enough, its campaign was good and almost reached its goal of $35,000. But its creators found out at the last minute that they couldn’t guarantee the quality of the product, so they canceled it with only $33,804 collected.

These campaigns failed despite having organizations, companies and influential people involved. In some cases, the circumstances surrounding them didn’t allow them to ensure that they could deliver the final product or fulfill the objective. All there is to add is that it’s important to analyze analyze all the present factores before starting a project and thus avoid failure.

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In crowdfunding, you learn from failures!