To obtain money, one method of financing at a time doesn’t work. This also happens in crowdfunding, which can take 2 or 3 months to help someone raise funds. In that case, would it be possible to carry out two crowdfunding campaigns at the same time? Today we’ll say our opinion on the matter.

Doing two crowdfunding campaigns at the same time

What do you think of this idea? At first glance, one would think that it’d help you raise more money for what you need. Or, to earn extra money in case one of the campaigns fails to reach its goal. Taking into account that both campaigns raise money.

Generally, crowdfunding platforms don’t usually forbid the possibility of creating two campaigns at once. Although this would depend on some factors. As if for example, both campaigns are about the same topic but with another name on a particular platform. Or if this happens but on two totally different platforms.

Crowdfunding Platforms Rules
Some crowdfunding platforms limit the number of campaigns that can be done. Both short and long term as well as simultaneously. Source: Multiplicalia

So we have that “doing two crowdfunding campaigns at the same time” implies two things. One is to carry out two campaigns (of the same or different topics) on the same platform. And the second involves doing it (with the same idea or two different ones) on two different platforms.

Either way, this idea isn’t as good as it seems. Most online crowdfunding experts don’t recommend doing this and there are good reasons for it. It can cause problems for the campaign creators and in turn lead to failure.

Why two campaigns at the once aren’t a good idea

To understand why this isn’t convenient, it’s important to review an article from Crowdfunding Academy. Which explains that having two campaigns at a time isn’t a good idea for several reasons. One of them is that doing so implies ignoring all the work required by the campaign preparation phase. Which can be quite laborious and compromising.

So having two campaigns would be the equivalent of “duplicating” the entire burden of that hard work. Likewise, it explains that if this happens it’s possible to cause confusion among the public when promoting the campaign (if it’s the same idea). Because an audience would find the campaign in one part of the web and others would see it in a completely different place.

Audience Confusion Crowdfunding
If you throw an arrow in various directions, people won’t be able to keep pace with you. The same happens when you create two simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns. Source: Australian Doctor

Art of the Kickstart mentions the consequences of this problem. You’d have a divided network of contributors: some would support a campaign and others would do the same with your second campaign. This may feel tedious for people who try to share or contribute to your campaign. If they discover that you have two campaigns at once, people will less likely participate.

According to CrowdCrux, creating and promoting a crowdfunding campaign is a full-time job. That requires the creator to have all their energy and work in it to achieve the goal. Another point is that it’s necessary for the campaign to reach 30% or 40% of its goal in less than a week. This isn’t easy to achieve and if it doesn’t happen in both campaigns, both will fail.

Difficulties Crowdfunding Campaign
In the preparation of a successful crowdfunding campaign there are several elements that can make it a difficult job. So running two campaigns only increases stress and the burden. Source:

Instead of having two campaigns at once, you can guide one campaign to success and then make another one. If you do it right, you can continue to get funds that way. Another option is to look for a platform that allows continuous financing. Either way, you don’t need to do two campaigns at once. Focus on giving all your effort in only one and you’ll see results.

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