It was time to talk about this topic, being the most enterprising Latin American country, Chile has successfully performed crowdfunding. In fact, many businesses that were funded with this financing method were commercialized worldwide. And others are simply admirable. Let’s see 4 crowdfunding campaigns made by Chileans.

Crowdfunding in Chile

If you’ve read our past entries, you may have noticed that one of the organizations that has promoted crowdfunding in this country has been Start-Up Chile. And while it’s not the only Chilean alternative, the fact is that Chileans around the world have developed an adventurous side in the business world.

Hence, many of them decide to start a crowdfunding campaign. Not all are necessarily businesses, some have been campaigns aimed at highlighting the culture of Chile or more specific causes. What makes them similar is that they’re very interesting and remarkable campaigns. Let’s see which they are:

Royal Llama

Today we’ll start with a campaign that was meant for the textile area, but in a very peculiar way. In the Chilean Andes, the Aimara people had the ancient tradition of raising llamas and alpacas to sustain themselves economically. And due to severe conditions, they had to sell these animals to look for other ways of living.

Royal Llama Crowdfunding
The Royal Llama yarn sets are high quality, can be washed and are resistant. Source: Kickstarter

However, a group of Chileans wanted to save the old tradition and created Royal Llama. A brand of yarns that are obtained from the fur of llamas and alpacas, from which a great variety of textile products are made. Such as jackets, shirts, hats, sweaters and similar products. It raised $42,614 from its goal of $25,000.

YERKA, the “unstealable” bike

Cristobal, Juan Jose and Andres are three Chilean engineers and cyclists who were victims of the theft of their bicycles. Fed up with it, they decided to create a bicycle that was impossible to steal: YERKA. After development time, the prototype was a success and soon they started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the product.

In 2015 it started its campaign with a goal of $5o,000, but in an unexpected turn, it managed to reach this amount in the first 9 days. By the time it was finished, it managed to raise a total of $98,175, becoming the most financed crowdfunding campaign in Chile at the time.


In Santiago, Chile, there were many problems for families who didn’t have access to buy basic necessities. Since these were very expensive and these families had relatively low salaries. In short, they had to buy in small quantities and for high prices. Until a good Samaritan came to give a solution.

Jose Manuel Moller, a commercial engineer, created Algramo. A dispensing machine for basic necessities such as rice, sugar, beans and lentils. And since they don’t come packed or packaged as usual, they’re considerably cheaper. The crowdfunding campaign for its launch managed to raise $331,379 from its goal of $100,000.

Algramo Crowdfunding
To take the food purchased with Algramo dispensers, you can use a special container that can be obtained separately. Source: Goethe-Institut

Minka Inhouse

Francisca “Fran” Aldea is a young woman who worked for three years in the home decor department of retail stores in Santiago, Chile. However, she felt frustrated and unhappy after realizing that she wasn’t learning enough about the development of traditional crafts. Especially those made with her favorite materials: ceramics and wool.

This made her look for people who still appreciated traditional crafts as much as she did. And after finding a group of men and women with great skills for craftsmanship, she created Minka Inhouse. A project that aims to maximize the local industry of crafts and manufactures. The campaign raised $22,010 from its goal of $15,000.

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Chile is a country made for crowdfunding!