In Bolivia, it’s possible to find many expressions of culture, history and also entrepreneurship. Different people in this country have found themselves in the need to improve their conditions or to address some social problem. And for that, they’ve resorted to crowdfunding. That’s why today we’ll see 5 crowdfunding campaigns from this land.

Crowdfunding campaigns in Bolivia

Like many other countries in Latin America, Bolivia has been involved in major ventures. And in the face of the difficulties of bank financing, it has seen in crowdfunding an alternative method of obtaining funds and resources. With great pride, today we’ll show 5 crowdfunding campaigns made by Bolivians that reached their goal:

Foundation of a new bookstore in Bolivia

Biblioworks is a non-profit Bolivian organization that’s responsible for promoting education and literacy. It has existed since 2005 and has founded several rural libraries throughout the country. In 2014, they started a crowdfunding campaign to found their twelfth library in Villa Abecia, Chuquisaca. They managed to surpass their goal and raised $1,305.

Recreational environments for working children and teenagers

This is the Integral Center for the Minor Worker (CIMET in Spanish), an institution where support is offered to working Bolivian children in the city of Sucre. And to allow them to have rest and recreation environments, they started a campaign to finance a project called “La casa de los amigos” (The house of friends). Which managed to raise $2,004 and reach its goal.

Retrieve the circus classes of Montenegro

In the Bolivian city of Cochabamba, there’s a neighborhood called Montenegro, where children with low-income families are taught circus. On behalf of Performing Life, a place where performing and circus arts are taught to the disadvantaged children of this neighborhood. They started a campaign to solve some economic problems and continue their classes. In which they met their goal, managing to raise $8,390.

“TAKE OFF”, a documentary about children in the streets

TAKE OFF is a work by Bolivian film actor Fernando Barbosa. It’s a project with which he seeks to film a documentary about the lives of street children in Bolivia. It began in 2012 when his friends showed him the abuse and discrimination that these children live on a daily basis. He campaigned for funds and managed to exceed his goal by raising $9,106.

“Durazno”, the story of Ezequiel

Finally, another documentary ends with today’s list. The production company Árbol, under the supervision of Bolivian director Yashira Jordán, had the idea to create Durazno: a creative documentary that explores the journey of a young man named Ezequiel. Who travels from Argentina to Bolivia to find out his past. A campaign was made to raise funds, which successfully raised $14,769 and surpassed its goal.

Whether for movies, for social projects or for education, Bolivia proves to be an enterprising country. With many opportunities to fulfill dreams and achieve goals. And in which, of course, crowdfunding lends itself to help these people who require funds to carry them out.

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