It’s the science that studies the stars and everything that’s in our universe. Astronomy is a science that fascinates millions of people today. Enough to inspire many of them to create their own projects on the subject. Today, we’ll look at 4 crowdfunding campaigns on astronomy that catch your interest.

4 crowdfunding campaigns on astronomy

Mankind has studied the stars since immemorial times. The attraction felt towards the universe almost seems to exist naturally. Figures such as Aristotle, Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus appear when we think of great scholars of the universe. And like them, there are hundreds of people who love astronomy. Let’s see 4 crowdfunding campaigns on the subject:

EduStack: A set of astronomy (and math) cards

It’s a set of cards developed by Sumat Nanda in India. Which has two decks. Star Stack, focused on astronomical constellations. And Math Stack, focused on mathematical constants. It has very striking illustrations with descriptions of each element. And the complete set is aimed at students as well as astronomy and mathematics enthusiasts. Its campaign was successful and raised $7,067 in 2015.

edustack campaign indiegogo
The Star Stack deck of cards, part of the EduStack set. This particular deck contains cards about the constellations. Source: Indiegogo

Astronomy Diary

Julian and Kate are two passionate astronomers living in London, UK. Both of them love watching the stars but their busy lives always got in the way. This inspired them to create a book with illustrations called Astronomy Diary. Where they offer information about galaxies, constellations, history and many other aspects of astronomy in 2014. Through a successful campaign they managed to raise 9,657 pound sterlings.

Astronomy Diary Kickstarter Campaign
The book is very versatile and small enough to fit inside a trouser pocket. Source: Kickstarter

SpaceTime: The solar system converted into a memento

In 2017, a product design company called SpaceTime Coordinates was born. They’re responsible for several products related to astronomy, one of them is a memento/souvenir. Prepared with data from NASA. They’re small ornaments in the shape of the solar system that can be used as a keychain, pendant, badge or coin for magic tricks. There was a crowdfunding campaign, which was successful and raised $54,020.


This is one of the most successful crowfunding campaigns in regards to astronomy. Tiny1 is a specialized photographic camera to carry out astrophotography. Namely, photographs to capture celestial objects. It was developed by TinyMOS in 2014, a company founded by Gray Tan. The camera seeks that people can easily shoot and photograph the space. Its campaign was successful, raising $490,269 in 2016.

As you may have noticed, most of these campaigns were made by astronomy enthusiasts. And the thing is that passion always allows very innovative ideas to be born. And what better example than these successful campaigns? By observing them, we only realize how interesting our universe is. And the same emotion that evokes everything that exists in it.

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