In Latin America there are many enterprising countries and Argentina is one of them. Initiatives such as the “Law of Companies in a Day” have allowed a great growth of business and social innovation in this country. Today, we want to take the time to see 5 incredible crowdfunding campaigns carried out by Argentines. Want to know more…?

Crowdfunding in Argentina

Argentina has learned to maintain a stable economy enough to do business. This is very curious, because in past times it went through one of the strongest crises in its history. Which occurred between the mid 90’s and the beginning of the year 2000. Which strongly affected the Argentine economy and its society in general.

However, Argentina managed to recover time later and overcome the problems of the past. Becoming one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America and the world, opening the doors to hundreds of entrepreneurs and dreamers to achieve their goals. We have compiled 5 crowdfunding campaigns that prove it. Let’s see them:

Pandora DSLR optimizer

It’s a technological work created by the Argentine company Pandora Cine. Pandora is an optimizer of DSLR cameras that allows to improve their performance, image quality and portability. It allows to incorporate microphones of any type to record clean sound directly from the camera. And its battery allows you to record up to 8 hours of video or a timelapse of 24 hours.

The device can be placed over the shoulder for comfort and can be easily transported. Which in turn makes recordings to turn out more stable and balanced. Pandora includes a solar panel that absorbs energy while recording during the day. It’s better to see the its campaign’s pitch video to understand it, which raised $45,233 of its goal of $35,000.

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

This is a videogame created by Argentine game developer Blyts. It’s of the adventure point-and-click genre and revolves around its protagonist, Kelvin, who must use an unconventional time machine to prevent a mad scientist (creator of the machine) from changing history as we know it.

It turns out that this scientist, named Dr. Edwin Lupin, wants to steal the credit for the greatest works and inventions in history. Kelvin and the Infamous Machine was released on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. All in a story full of adventure, riddles and interesting characters. Its crowdfunding campaign collected a total of $29,122.

New Album of Athenas: TODO ES TUYO

Athenas Venica is a young singer of Catholic music with a long trajectory. She’s considered a representative of the new generation of young Latin American Catholic musicians. Recently, she had started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production and launch of her new musical album: Todo es Tuyo.

She makes this album through her music studio under the firm conviction that music itself is an instrument that connects people with Jesus. The funds were mainly used to pay the expenses of musical production and fees for the collaborating musicians. Through the help of many people, she managed to exceed the goal and raise $17,706.

La de Dios Kitchen

La Ira de Dios is a non-profit organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Which seeks to provide a space for experimentation, exchange and reflection between artists and researchers from the country and abroad. Being a place where a large number of people meet, they wanted to create a kitchen for culinary purposes as well as to create a meeting point.

That made them create a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of this kitchen. Which was designed by architects who were invited to be part of the experience. The kitchen is intended to allow its community to share, reflect and experiment with food. Thanks to a joint effort, it managed to raise $8,307 and surpass its initial goal.

The Black Sheep

Agustina Diez Sierra is a woman born in Argentina but who always felt like a “black sheep” in her family. Since it had always been dominated by men under a heavy machismo culture. This made her choose to move to America when she was 24, where she lived for 10 years until she decided to return in order to meet her loved ones again.

Being a very independent and talented woman, she decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to make a documentary about her return to Argentina. In which we can see how she reconciles with herself and how she tries to fit back into her family environment. Her campaign managed to exceed her goal of $9,500 by raising a total of $10,125.

Each of these campaigns were developed within Argentina and it should be noted that all were successful. They managed to reach the goal of money that they had set from the beginning and therefore, were able to carry out their plans. Clearly, this makes us understand that anyone can achieve success in crowdfunding without leaving their native country.

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Argentina is a leading country in crowdfunding and innovation!