Anyone breaks his heart to see a puppy in the street, but fortunately there are organizations and foundations that are responsible for giving a better life to these animals. Here comes the role of crowdfunding that serves to raise funds for animal rescue.

Crowdfunding awakens the more supportive side we have, we can help those who have no voice or vote to defend themselves: helpless and stray animals. The objective of these crowdfunding campaigns is to give a second chance to those animals that were abandoned by their families.

The situation of abandoned dogs and cats is a phenomenon that can not be seen in Latin America. Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned causing them to suffer from hunger, cold and various diseases. However, there is hope if we see the successful crowdfunding campaign for animal rescue that has been successful.

Building a new shelter for animals

This campaign is about a group of people concerned about providing welfare to the animals of their city. They sought to create a foundation that in addition to covering veterinary expenses would focus on raising awareness about animal abuse.

The campaign requested a total of 750 euros and received a total of 790 euros. Among the other objectives of the initiative were: Promote adoption, encourage respect for animals, avoid abuse and abandonment, among others.

Crowdfunding for Animal Rescue 1
This foundation watches over those who have no voice. Photo: Lanzanos

An Animal Rescue House in Mompinche, Ecuador

The heroine of this story is called Fabiola, a woman who has been working for animal rescue for more than 10 years in her town of Mompinche in Ecuador. This has created a network of shelters and volunteers to help her in her mission, however all this work has been affected by an earthquake that occurred in 2016.

Therefore, Fabiola’s colleagues decided to create a crowdfunding campaign to receive donations and continue their mission in their small town. The campaign raised a total of 1,050 Pounds to rebuild its refuge.

Crowdfunding for Animal Rescue 2
Animals rescued by Fabiola. Photo: JustGiving

Poetic Anthology for the rescue of horses

This project combines the passion for art, poetry and love of animals. The idea is born of an initiative that was made in 2008 on a book that brings together different poems about animals that was marketed in order to raise funds to help a foundation focused on animal protection. The second book published at the end of 2015 seeks to be as successful as the first.

The poetic anthology book was also going to be loaded with beautiful illustrations about different animals. A very artistic project that managed to meet its goal by raising $ 1,210.


Crowdfunding for Animal Rescue 3
Illustrations of the book of poems. Photo: Indiegogo

These stories show us that the world still has people with enough heart to worry about these helpless animals. If you want to create a campaign like this do not hesitate to contact us through our chat that is open 24 hours a day.

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Let’s support the animal rescue with crowdfunding!