At the time of creating a film there may be many production costs, such as equipment, maintenance, payment to the actors, that’s why there are times when independent producers do not get the funds to create their project, but in this case crowdfunding seeks to be an alternative to finance the cinema.

Since crowdfunding became popular, more independent filmmakers decide to finance their production by creating a crowdfunding campaign, which is an advantage for producers and even for donors.

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First, because the producers get funding for their film, together with many fans who will surely go to the movie theaters when the film is released; second, because donors are going to feel like active participants in a film project and they are going to get benefits from that.

The first film financed with donations

In 2004, Benjamin Pommeraud and Guillaume Colboc, are involved in a financial crisis, because they did not get any company that wanted to invest in his film Demain la Veille and they did not have enough funds to start on their own.

That’s when, without knowing anything about crowdfunding, they start applying the same principles. They created a website, asking the masses for small donations for their film in exchange for a DVD and recognition as a way of reward.

Fortunately, the strategy was a success because after three weeks they had 20,000 euros and according to the IMdB portal, the film was financed by 180 internet donors.

Crowdfunding As  Alternative To Filmmaking 2

But the most valuable was the lesson that Pommeraud learned with collective financing. He says that “What we sold was not the film itself, but the will to make our dreams.” In other words, seeing dreams come true is the most valuable thing in crowdfunding.

If you wabt to see this shortfilm click here

The biggest movie financed with Crowdfunding

Now that much more is known about crowdfunding there are examples of feature films that have been financed through a collective financing platform. The quintessential example is the Veronica Mars movie that continues the story of the TV series that bears the same name.

For this opportunity, Rob Thomas, the creator of the series and Kristen Bell, the protagonist, decided to create a project on the Kickstarter platform to make the film. The deal was that if they reached $ 2,000.00, Warner Bros. would be responsible for the distribution and advertising of the tape.

The surprise was when in the same weekend, fans of the series helped to reach the goal, it is more at the end of the campaign they had exceeded their goal by collecting $ 5,702,153 through 91,585 sponsors.

As a reward, there were products of the movie and even star appearances in the feature film.

A case of Latin American success

Although in Latin America there is not so much talk about crowdfunding, there are still those who decide to dare with this type of financing, including filmmakers (if you live in Latin America and want to finance your film project, you can create your campaign with us, we are in the chat to help you;))

José Velasco is a Bolivian who recorded his short film Cuatro veces siete with the collective financing, but in this case he created a Facebook page to promote his project with his friends and acquaintances.

The filmmaker came up with the idea of ​​creating a Rewards Menu that contained the reward that the donor would have if he contributed for the film. (if you want to see this short click here)

This campaign motivated him to get foreign help that took care of the costs of post-production, a detail that was of great help for the completion of the project.

Crowdfunding As  Alternative To Filmmaking 3
Director José Velasco. Photo: Los Tiempos

It is a fact that currently to make movies do not need a big budget, because with the ease of smart phones and applications to edit videos make it easy for anyone to be a filmmaker. However, it still takes more than cameras to make a long or a short film.

This is how crowdfunding can overcome these financial obstacles, allowing other fans of the seventh art to collaborate with the projects they like. Action that brings the audience closer to the directors and producers.

This entry was directed to those who love to do if cinema, if you have a friend who wants to finance your film share this article with him, surely it will be very helpful.

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