We researched the latest information on crowdfunding to bring you the latest tips for your help. You may have read countless guides or articles but in fact, new methods always appear to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. Even some that are worth reviewing. Today we’ll see some of them.

Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign

If you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it’s a financing method that consists of obtaining funds through the contributions of multiple people or entities. In this case, the contributors don’t receive equity in return, but will get “perks”. Prepared by the creator of the crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve been able to observe crowdfunding campaigns that have achieved their money goal in a matter of days. As it was the case of Veeqo, a software designed to help Internet retailers around the world to increase their business in multiple channels. Whose crowdfunding campaign managed to raise £ 1.2 million in a few days. Quite impressive without a doubt.

Taking this into account, it’s worth asking: is it possible to aspire to achieve such success? Yes, although it’s not as simple as it seems. It requires having a good marketing strategy, whatever the type of campaign you intend to do. Based on this strategy, it’s certainly possible to obtain positive results as long as it’s carried out before launching the campaign.

If your crowdfunding campaign is successful, it’s because you managed to build a base of followers that took you seriously and want to see your results. They’re people who are willing to give you their money both to receive the perks and to observe how to carry out your idea. The only way to do it is through a premeditated plan.

Your idea and presentation are the key

You may have an original and revolutionary idea (which will help you a lot) or simply want to carry out a project. But regardless of what you have in mind, what your followers see about you is vital. You have to make your idea seem useful or beneficial to them and that it’s a campaign that promises success. And that you’ll use the money appropriately.

Speaking about the presentation, there are several aspects that should be taken into account. First, if your campaign is about a product or service, you must present it (using all the resources you have) in your campaign. Create a story and try to connect with your audience in a very personal way, so that they want to be part of an exciting experience.

Telling your crowdfunding story
It’s important that you pour passion in your crowdfunding campaign. From the content that goes inside its page on the platform to your messages on social networks.

Once you manage to connect with your followers, it’s convenient to finish the coup de grace with a decisive video. In the pitch video of your campaign you must learn to construct the whole story behind your idea, explaining who you are, what’s it about, what you intend to do with the money, what results you expect to obtain and the benefits that the contributors will obtain.

And always be very clear about what type of people you’re addressing, depending on the nature of your campaign. Never neglect the way you address your audience, be it on your campaign page, on social networks or in real life. Show enthusiasm, excitement and passion that can be contagious to your followers.

Finally, it’s important that you have a high presence in social networks. You should start talking about your idea or project in them long before launching your campaign. Tell people about what you have in mind and use the corresponding social networks. Doing all this will guarantee you success in your crowdfunding campaign.

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