The saying goes that those who love their work never actually work, this is the case of these entrepreneurs who made these handicrafts and financed their ideas with crowdfunding.

Innovators have the ability to exploit their own talent, monetize it or make the most of it. For example, a chef creates his own restaurant or a singer can launch his own musical album, as we saw in a previous entry, where several musicians financed their projects with crowdfunding.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 1

Artisans, those skilled with their hands, are capable of creating products loaded with creativity. The best thing about these products is that they are unique! So if you are very good with crafts or crafts do not hesitate to create a business of them and finance it with the help of the crowds.

Buttonwood Bunnies

Alexandra Smithson weaves little bunnies, can be a toy for a child or a gift for a loved one. What it does transmit is a timeless product that will always be in the memory of whoever possesses it. His crowdfunding campaign doubled the goal by collecting 1,719 pounds of 800 pounds.

With this financing she was able to pay for the costs of production, certification and testing of her toy, to be able to commercialize it formally and establish an entire company that is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of these bunnies.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 2
Photo: Kickstarter


If you are one of those who can not have a cactus, because it dies, this product is for you.

Cubtus is a mini-cactus made with wood and acrylic, you do not have to water them, you can also have them in any office without worrying about them dying adding a bit of green to your surroundings.

The design is quite simple: a cubic or rectangular wooden base and a piece of green acrylic in the shape of a cactus. You can order a cactus family or a cactus with magnetic.

His campaign exceeded the goal of 500 euros, then there was a second goal of 1000 euros of which collected 946 euros.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 3
Photo: Verkami

Reinforce the Thread (Refuerza el Hilo)

This project goes beyond selling crafts, seeks to empower a group of Guatemalan women victims of sexist violence to demand their human rights.

With the money that was raised with Reinforce the Thread could afford the machinery, shelters and others for the production of the first products of the Network of Women of San Marcos who seek financial autonomy to continue fighting for their rights.

The campaign was successful as it exceeded the goal of 10,000 euros by collecting 12,200 euros through 200 taxpayers.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 4
Photo: Verkami


This product is aimed at lovers of the Magic card game. It is a magic book shaped box where the user can save their favorite cards, chips and dice.

It has a pretty, attractive design, according to the market that is aimed. By far it looks like a book to make spells, but inside it has several wooden compartments designed to store letters, pens and other objects.

Magic fans faithfully supported this initiative, quadrupling the goal of 500 euros. In the end, 2,396 euros were obtained thanks to the help of its 44 donors.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 5
Photo: Verkami

Wooden pencils to finance mom’s trip

It turns out that a mother of four children is a talented at the Olympic Games and I am selected for the Scottish games of What does this have to do with handicrafts? Well, her husband decided to make wooden pens to pay for the trip.

The money raised was directed to finance the materials used to make the pens. It should be noted that the pens had an original and very artistic design and were made in dad’s workshop with the help of his two children.

The campaign managed to collect $ 4733 from its goal of $ 2000, exceeding the established goal.

Craft Products Financed with Crowdfunding 6
Photo: Kickstarter

Each product was made with great affection by the talents that made it. This is the special thing about artisan products, beyond being a creative work, it is a work done with great care. If you also have type of talent and want to market them, do not hesitate to create your crowdfunding campaign, we are in the chat to help you.

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