The practice of crowdfunding has been around for many years, since the concept of many people donating for a cause is nothing new. However, in what platforms of micro-patronage there are countries that stand out more than others.

The first case of crowdfunding through the web occurred in 1997, when the British rock band Marillion decided to finance their tour by asking for 60,000 through the internet. Since then, other ideas have joined this trend to create a whole new alternative.

Which Are The Countries Where Crowdfunding Is Most Practiced 1

The collective financing is here to stay, as several countries have decided to specialize in this area. It is so much its use that the countries already needed to create their regulations in order to secure the money of the entrepreneurs and the investors.

According to statistical institutes and sources such as Statista, Forbes and Vanacco, these are the countries that most practice crowdfunding.


The country already has around 45 platforms, of which 24 came from the state of Ontario. In Canada, crowdfunding is already legislated by the State, although they are not very superficial. On the other hand, these laws are more forceful and strict with the cases of equity crowdfunding.

It can be said that collective financing is quite popular among emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups in the country. According to a study of the money requested in crowdfunding, Canada launched a total of 44.91 million dollars.

Which Are The Countries Where Crowdfunding Is Most Practiced 2

United Kingdom

The crown deserves the position in this list for being one of the pioneering countries in Europe when proposing crowdfunding, it was also one of the first countries to enact laws in this regard.

There are currently more than 32 British crowdfunding platforms in which people from all over the country can pool their funds. On the other hand, in 2014, the group of crowdfunding campaigns from the United Kingdom requested 54 million dollars to carry out their initiatives.

Which Are The Countries Where Crowdfunding Is Most Practiced 3

United States

Undoubtedly, the United States is the leading crowdfunding country, and it is not for nothing, because from this country came the first crowdfunding platform: Indiegogo, since then other countries have created their own platforms.

Even the United States is by far the country with the most crowdfunding platforms, with a total of 132 web pages devoted to collective financing.

Which Are The Countries Where Crowdfunding Is Most Practiced 4

What about Latin America?

In Latin America, the countries that stand out the most in crowdfunding are Mexico and Brazil.

Brazil, on the other hand, has 24 crowdfunding platforms operating in the country, this being the region with the most portals that support the emerging entrepreneurship. Mexico is in second place with a total of 5 collective financing platforms with a total of 321 crowdfunding campaigns financed in 2013.

However, in Mexico and the rest of the continent there are several goals to achieve in order to promote crowdfunding. According to the Multilateral Investment Fund report on crowdfunding in Mexico, one of the recommendations is to create trust in collective financing through advice and training, as well as encourage investors to collaborate with this type of initiative.

Which Are The Countries Where Crowdfunding Is Most Practiced 5

That is why in Solidaridad Latina, we encourage the creation of campaigns and through our chat we can provide advice and confidence on the topics of crowdfunding, so that emerging entrepreneurs have more knowledge about the subject.

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Crowdfunding transcends borders