It often happens that a campaign starts and receives contributions. It does very well during its beginnings and collects between 30% and 40% of its total goal. But it happens that later there’s a recession and the number of contributions goes down. What can be done…? Don’t despair, we’ll tell you how to increase contributions during the final stage of your crowdfunding campaign.

How to increase contributions during the end of your crowdfunding campaign

It’s common for the number of contributions in a campaign to decrease during half of its duration. Since as we’ve said before, the stages of greatest contributions are the beginning and the end. However, if a crowdfunding campaign is reaching its end and stops receiving contributions this is a warning signal.

If this happens to you, not all is lost. But it’s important that you begin to identify what’s the problem and find a solution. Let’s start by reiterating that in any crowdfunding campaign, it’s always necessary to create a sense of urgency. What does this mean…? It’s quite simple.

Just like you encourage people to contribute during the start of your campaign, you must do so at the end as well. The creators of a campaign often use urgency to urge others to contribute to their campaign and be part of it. And to tell the truth, there are many ways to attract people’s attention in this way.

Normally, the decrease in contributions happens because the campaign loses or lacks attractive elements. Such a reward system or other benefits for the contributors of your campaign. Taking this into account, let’s tell you different ways to win back contributions.

how to capture the interest in a crowdfunding campaign
If it’s not maintained, the interest of the people to contribute to your campaign can vanish very quickly. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep it active. Especially in social networks.

Reviving and gaining more audience

Your aim is to reawaken the interest of the community you’ve created. Many of them may know your campaign but may not have been convinced to make a contribution yet. Or, you can also get more new contributors for your campaign. There are several ways to do it at the end of your campaign.

First of all, we have the perks, the ones in your campaign may not be attractive enough. Try to add new perks or modify (if the platform allows it) the ones you already have to improve them. Try not only to make them attractive but also that make sure to be responsible and deliver them.

ZX Spectrum Vega Plus en Indiegogo
Offering attractive rewards is vital, but so is being responsible and delivering them. Cases like the delay of delivery of rewards of the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus campaign demonstrate it. Source: Neox – Atresmedia

Keep close contact with your audience on social networks. Keep asking them to share your campaign and appreciate the contributions you receive. Keeping your activity will allow your campaign to receive more visits. The more visits (combined with other factors such as perks) the more likely to receive contributions.

In some cases, you may have to correct certain aspects of the presentation of your campaign. Perhaps the description of your campaign doesn’t explain in detail the perks or possible benefits. What matters is that you change or remove what’s not relevant and proportions all the information that belongs to the contributor.

attract people in a crowdfunding campaign
The promotion of a campaign also covers aspects such as the description, the video and the presentation of the social networks of the campaign. Which are also decisive when it comes to attracting people.

Doing this doesn’t guarantee 100% that you’ll receive enough contributions to reach the goal. If you do this and it doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to rethink your campaign from scratch and launch it again in the future. Avoiding failures from the beginning will help you avoid the contribution decrease at the end of your campaign.

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