Spain and the United States stand out as two countries considered as developed. With regard to the economic, social and political area. Therefore, neither of them is left behind in the crowdfunding world. Taking this into account, today we’re going to compare these two nations in what concerns this issue.

Comparison between Spanish crowdfunding and American crowdfunding

Both the United States and Spain have gone through quite strong economic crises. The United States experienced one in 1929 with the Great Depression. And Spain suffered another one when during 1993. Both countries managed to learn from those hard years and were able to grow decades later. Which allowed them to have much more stable economies.

This could be one of the reasons why, after the arrival of crowdfunding, everything changed. In the United States, new companies financed with this method began to emerge. Kickstarter and Indiegogo, after their arrival in 2008 and 2009, revolutionized the US market. Both have allowed the birth of thousands of companies not only in America but in other parts of the world.

united states crowdfunding platforms
The first American crowdfunding platform emerged in 2001. Then crowdfunding would become more popular and many other American platforms would come out. Source: The Lingerie Journal

On the other hand, Spain also got on this wave and implemented crowdfunding. We’ve even talked about this country in a past blog post. And we explained why this country became a big crowdfunding figure. Both Spain and the United States have already built a reputation on their own. And it is very easy to check it on the Internet.

What would happen if we take both countries and put them in two individual trays to analyze them? The main purpose wouldn’t be to find who is better, but how to differentiate one from the other. We’ll make sure to cover aspects such as growth statistics, income and other important details.

United States and Spain vs crowdfunding

Let’s start with the most recent data. In 2017, crowdfunding raised a total of 101 million euros in Spain according to Universo Crowdfunding. Which would amount to more than 114 million US dollars. It’s not known exactly how many dollars were raised by crowdfunding in the United States. But it can safely be said that North America raised $17.2 billion according to Fundly.

The United States, like other North American countries, has always led the way in terms of number of revenues. One of the reasons for this is the positioning of this financing method. Which is much better known there than in Spain. Because although it’s hard to believe, crowdfunding remains unknown in some countries and Spain is no exception.

Spanish Crowdfunding Platforms
In 2013 there were an estimated 23 crowdfunding platforms. A number that continues to increase annually according to Crowdemprende. Source: TecnolONGia

Statista statistics website has valuable information about these countries by 2018. It reveals that crowdfunding in the United States has a transaction value of $1,038 million. And that the average financing per campaign there is $5,516. In Spain, it has a transaction value of $15 million and an average financing per campaign of $2,779.

According to Business Dictionary, the transaction value is “customs value of an imported good computed on the basis of the price actually paid or payable for it at the time it was exported.” Which means that crowdfunding generates more revenue in the United States. Although Spain has a considerably high number compared to other countries.

spain united states crowdfunding growth
On the Internet it’s possible to find information and articles that speak of the Spanish growth in the crowdfunding area. Indicating that it’s almost vertiginous and constant. Source: FinanzasZone

Statista points out that there are a total of 188.2 thousand campaigns (active and inactive) in the United States. And that in Spain there are 5.4 thousand. When it comes to profits, the United States is the winner. However, Spain continues to grow steadily and surpasses the vast majority of Latin American countries. Which allows it to be placed next to the USA as another relevant country for crowdfunding.

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Two nations rich in crowdfunding!