As a good financing method, crowdfunding has allowed the birth of businesses. In today’s case, we’ll talk about 5 companies that entered the market thanks to collective financing. All of them from various parts of the world and characterized by resorting to crowdfunding.

5 companies to be financed through crowdfunding

Do you have the dream of creating a company? Or to work for one in particular? The truth is that to create a company, you clearly need money. And in a world where traditional financing is no longer as effective, crowdfunding appears to save the day. Today, you’ll meet 5 companies that managed to be founded (and financed) through crowdfunding.

Flint and Tinder

This is a textile company created in 2013 by Jake Bronstein. Flint and Tinder in a clothing line, specifically a hoodie with a durability of 10 years. The purpose was to offer a product not affected by what is known as “planned obsolescence“. Through a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, the company achieved success and surprisingly was saved from the delay in the delivery of rewards.


This is a Spanish technology company specialized in home automation. It was founded in 2013 by Patxi Echeveste and seeks to offer a “smarthouse”. Wattio consists of a device that’s installed in the home so that it collects data. Through these data, it’s possible to calibrate household parameters such as energy saving, comfort, safety, etc. Crowdfunding managed to propel this company to commercial success.


Coming from Chile, BICLA is a product design company. Its flagship product consists of a multifunctional bicycle bag. In order to obtain financing, a crowdfunding campaign was held in 2013. Being launched in a country where cycling is very popular, it was to be expected that the bag would be very receptive and successful.

KANO Computing Ltd.

KANO Computing Ltd is a London technology company founded in 2012. Its team is behind KANO, a computer that anyone can install with ease. Its creators moved to China to make the first prototypes, which sold very well. Subsequently, the team behind the project ran a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than one million dollars.

Awl & Sundry

Today’s list ends with Awl & Sundry, a footwear company. It was founded in 2014 in the United States by Nikunj Marvania. It consists of a brand of personalized shoes for men. They are made by hand but with professional results and high quality. They are available in various sizes and styles. A 2014 crowdfunding campaign allowed the product to be commercialized.

All these companies managed to see the light thanks to crowdfunding. At first, they were conceived as simple winning ideas that needed an impulse to be successful. Impulse that they managed to find in crowdfunding, reaching the total marketing of the products or services that they intended to sell. Undeniably, this is a sign of the great power of collective financing.

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