How companies are using Artificial IntelligenceAlthough it looks like something out of a science fiction movie, the reality is that artificial intelligence is taking territory in our daily lives. Such is the case that many companies are already applying artificial intelligence applications in their operations.

Although many films like Terminator or Westworld make us think that AI machines will reveal themselves against us or replace us … real life is very different. This type of machines seeks to facilitate the lives of people and save their valuable time.

In fact, according to a study by Narrative Science, 61% of executives surveyed admit that they are using artificial intelligence technology. They even admit using it for various purposes such as customer service, cybersecurity, human resources, among others.

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Customer Support

Imagine you are entering a new technology or entrepreneurship website and you are very curious to know who wrote the article you are reading. Fortunately there is a chat with a character that gives you that information. What you did not know is that maybe it was a chatbot, a kind of AI technology that is used to give customer attention.

This is because Artificial Intelligence is used for the generation and processing of natural language which means that this type of machine is capable of understanding interactions with humans and other computers. According to experts, the advantage of using IA for customer service is that it reduces the time and work for whoever is behind the machine and allows it to focus on more complex interactions that require more attention.

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Human Resources

To hire new workers, it is another use that can be given to artificial intelligence applications. The selection of new prospects, the review of profiles and even the guidelines for examinations and interviews can be tedious, in addition, it takes a lot of time for those in charge of the human resources department.

With artificial intelligence, those steps can be reduced, so employees would focus on the performance of the prospects during their interviews, which translates into more efficiency and less bureaucracy to enter a company.

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Marketing and publicity

One of the objectives of using artificial intelligence in a company is to automate activities that are repetitive, this is the desire of many entrepreneurs and employees.

As an example we can point out the report of Narrative Science which indicates that 77% of those responsible for marketing and sales are interested in an artifact that applies artificial intelligence to generate reports in a language understandable to humans.

Currently, applications are being generated that serve as a sales adviser that indicate the efficiency of the advertisements, the interactions they produce up to create a list of suggestions for websites where the market of interest for the company can be reached more easily. This is the dream of any marketer.

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In security, the AI ​​is able to identify the potential risks that the new generation of malware brings, putting the company on the plane of the early detection of cyber attacks, explains Francisco Javier Monzonis, expert in advanced analytics.

The ability to analyze this type of technology helps detect strange movements on the web, it could even help to detect possible scammers, reducing the percentages of risk that can be found in the company. Even through a survey launched by the consulting service Tata explains that 44% of 835 surveyed companies use AI to detect and prevent intrusions.

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Decision making

Artificial intelligence also works as virtual assistants both inside and outside the company. If you are an executive and need to plan many events, conferences and meetings, virtual assistants can be very helpful.

Not only is the assistance, but the ability to generate figures that reflect the company’s productivity, that is, they release results of the gain, loss and efficiency of the product or service as such.

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Demining the myth: The loss of employmen

With so much technology many are scared and think, will I lose my job? But fortunately, this is just a myth. The figures generated by large experts indicate that artificial intelligence would imply the existence of new types of employment and new jobs.

For example, Deloitte, a consulting firm, established that with automation, 800,000 simple jobs would be lost (requiring little skill), but 3.5 million new jobs would be generated. It’s all about training. Everything is a matter of training employees in the emerging fields that the market needs.

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Artificial intelligence is far from being a threat, on the contrary it is a tool that drives the efficiency of workers and executives of a company, you just have to know the studies and examples necessary to realize the benefits of this type of technology .

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