Collaborative technology is a trend that is revolutionizing work spaces. Applying this trend in your company will guarantee a much more efficient work in less time.

Digital platforms are constantly growing and this has influenced the daily lives of many people. It facilitates us to be connected in real time and from anywhere in the world. An example of this technology is the cloud that allows you to share files with anyone in a private way.

These applications are the entry into what really concerns us in this post: Collaborative technology in companies.
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And the principle of collaborative technology is to generate online solutions for a group of people, including those who share a working space. For example, it allows the connectivity of several employees to hold conferences, facilitates management and makes teamwork easier.

Advantages of applying collaborative technology

The main advantage that we would like to highlight is that it eliminates the obstacle that distance can presentAre there several workers outside the country? With collaborative platforms this is no longer a problem, since they could be done together online.

Before it was essential to have a face-to-face job, now with the technological advances, many things can be done from a computer. In some cases, you will not even have to leave your house.

How Collaborative Technology  Boost Your Company 2

Secondly, it could be said that it facilitates teamwork: the applications of the cloud allow you to work in the same document in real time, but from different computers. This is another aspect that does not require face-to-face meetings to complete an activity.

Also the applications that allow the shared screen facilitate that two people can work in the same activity from different computers, reducing the time and increasing the efficiency of the employees.

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The application of collaborative technology also reduces expenses, making the presence of workers less necessary to follow-up or generate meetings. It should be noted that sharing information in the cloud is also a good practice that eliminates the expenses that the proliferation of paperwork can generate.

For example, it is much cheaper to share an e-book or manual in the cloud and that everyone has access to it to have to supply a manual or a physical book for each employee.

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Last but not least important is that it gives your company a differentiating effect, employees will feel in a space full of technology, especially the younger ones that belong to the millennial generation that grew up surrounded by technological devices.

Remember that to stand out in the competitiveness of the market, it is necessary to apply alternatives that increase the efficiency of employees and this can be achieved through collaborative technology.

Some interesting facts…

The application of collaborative technology is already a reality.We could highlight, in a study conducted in 2013 by Avanade, it was discovered that 77% of business leaders are using this trend and 82% of businessmen say they want to apply more of these technologies in the future.

Another study in 2016 , conducted by Dimension Data and Ovum in Mexico states that 79% of companies consider that this type of technology has met their expectations improving the efficiency of business processes.

How Collaborative Technology  Boost Your Company 5

It is already a fact that collaborative technology drives a company to the extent that it facilitates processes and makes them more efficient, but its great benefit is that it facilitates communication as never before, especially with members who are far away. That is the marvel of technology: overcome the obstacles of distance.

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Collaborative technology will give many benefits to your company