Celebrities, more than red carpet artists, are big influencers. Their fame allows them to persuade the masses in an extraordinary way. A proof of this, when a celebrity dares to use a crowdfunding campaign and is successful.

Anyone can carry out a collective financing campaign and can have different reasons: either to finance a new product or to benefit a community. And it is a fact that artists also use this resource for their own projects.

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Diego Luna in the video of his campaign. Photo: Quién

Beyond raising funds, artists have an opportunity to connect with their followers, in addition, the rewards are worthwhile.

Neil Young – Pono Music

Not only is it a project created by a renowned musician, but it is one of the most successful projects financed with crowdfunding. Neil Young together with the entrepreneur John Hamm developed a high resolution music player.

Pono is a Hawaiian derivative to identify that something is virtuous. That’s where the idea of ​​this music player revolves. The device supports the FLAC format and is capable of storing from 100 to 500 discs at its highest resolution. All this to have a better musical experience.

Some of the rewards were a poster autographed by Neil Young. The campaign raised $ 6,225,354, far exceeding its goal of $ 800,000.

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Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq Fu: A legeng Reborn

The legend of the basketball Shaquille O Neal made a campaign to finance his video game called Shaq Fu: A legend reborn that is the sequel to the first installment made in 1994. And although this first installment was a failure in his time, Shaqueille O Neal he wanted to try again making a sequel.

Sahq Fu: A Legend Reborn is an action game whose objective is to defeat all the demons (which are celebrities referring to pop culture) that have populated the planet.

This campaign had the particularity that one of the rewards was a pair of tennis shoes (or sports shoes) signed by the basketball player. Her goal was $ 450,000 and she collected $ 458,884 through 1339 donors

Sylvester Stallone – Reach Me

The story of this film is based on how the life of several people collapse by infamous motivational book with an anonymous author. One of its protagonists is the actor Sylvester Stallone.

As a reward, promotional material was given autographed by the actors, DVD with behind the scenes and special passes to visit the set.

The campaign had 260 sponsors and raised $ 257,798. All thanks to the popularity of Stallone in this film.

Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal – Help for Mexico

The most altruistic initiative of the list, the most recognized actors in Mexico, Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, decided to make a fund raising campaign to help the victims of the earthquake in the Mexican country.

After September 19, 2017, many homes were destroyed by the earthquake, fortunately, international collaboration and the efforts made by these actors achieved the early recovery of Mexicans. Thanks to the influence that García Bernal had with his acting career.

The campaign raised 1,196,153 dollars. Money that was used for the rescue of the victims and the reconstruction of schools, hospitals and other homes affected by the disaster.

How Celebrities Use Crowdfunding 3
Photo: Omaze

It should be highlighted that not all artists run with this success, there are cases of celebrities who failed with crowdfunding. Which means that sometimes popularity is not enough: it also has a good idea and a convincing reward system.

As we said at the beginning, anyone can make financing campaigns, the most important to succeed is to have an idea that connects with the masses

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Celebrities also influence crowdfunding