Imagine if you get an awesome crowdfunding campaign, the main idea is shocking and innovative, while you’re shocked for the idea, you’re making a contribution because you loved the rewards plan, but the clock is ticking and there’s a problem. Rewards never arrive and the project itself never starts up. Those are the crowdfunding scams.

If this already happened to you, or you’ve got a friend who suffered from a crowdfunding scam, don’t feel sad!, surely you’re not the only one. Nor, believe that all crowdfunding campaign end with a scam, actually, according to a survey, crowdfunding scams just represent a 1% all of the crowdfunding universe.

Nevertheless, what is truly hard for any crowdfunding platform is having the guarantee the creator will make his promise come true, but, in those cases, there are always reporting methods for detecting any irregularity. Here, we leave you an article, for you to know what to do in case of a fraud.

Big Cases of Scams in Crowdfunding 1

Not achieving the promises of the campaign or even lying intentionally to the audience is a unforgivable crime in the crowdfunding universe, and that’s because we’re gonna check out this scam cases for you to avoid later.

The suspicious cancer of Jennifer Cataldo

Previously, we saw a case where an Spanish girl takes advantage on the charity of people, well, this case is way too similar. This case is about a person lying in order of getting funds.

This case comes from Alabama and is about Jennifer Flynn Cataldo, a 37 years old lady. She, created a crowdfunding campaign asking for help and assistance for paying her cancer treatment. She got more than 38000$, but, soon it was detected the scam and was force to get the money back to the donors.

Big Cases of Scams in Crowdfunding 2
Source: GoFraudMe

Triton Grills, it wasn’t any similar as it was supposed to be

 One of the most popular cases was the Triton Grills device, that was supposed to let users breath underneath the water, this idea gathered more than 800.000$… How comes? According to the campaign, this device’s technology will generate oxygen from water in order to make any person breath there. But, this was just mere publicity.

Specialized websites like Digital Trends, studied deeply this device’s technology and they found out that Triton use cylinders full of oxygens that let swimmers breath underneath water. Those are reusable and are limited. So, those who bought Triton have to buy the cylinders to keep using the product, otherwise, they won’t.

Big Cases of Scams in Crowdfunding 3
Photo: DigitalTrends

The Scooters Elio Motors won’t receive any more loans

When you keep promising something, you better make it through!… The leaders of this project promoted a three-wheeled vehicle with high efficiency. The Scooter was incredible, because it turns out the product gathered the amount of 17 million of dollars USD. Even the creators gave press conferences talking relentlessly about the crowdfunding business.

So… What happened? Nothing!… The vehicle must have appeared on the market in 2014 and it’s 2018 and nothing has occurred!. The creators shared the advances at the beginning, but soon, they stopped making this kind of previews, and they were spotted doing unnecessary expenses.

Also, the launch date has been postposed multiple times and the Scooters ElioMotos won’t receive any more loans, even so, people who gave donations are convinced that they won’t see the vehicle. Never ever ever!

Big Cases of Scams in Crowdfunding 4
Source: ElioMotors

As we explained at the beginning, lying and not achieving the promises is an unforgivable act in crowdfunding, because of that, it’s always reasonable that in these cases, donors make some noise and spread the message about what happened, doing this, they will make this practices go to an end, and no one will lose his money again!

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Never make a scam in crowdfunding