One of the strongest things for a society is to go through an economic crisis. Regardless of the country or region where you are, it’s always good to be prepared for that possibility. Either finding several sources of income or, looking for other ones during the recession. In order to offer help, we’ll give you 8 businesses to make money in case of economic crisis.

8 businesses to make money in a crisis

The businesses that you’ll see below have proven to be firm in the face of a crisis. In fact, there’s evidence of this on the Internet that you can check on your own. So if your country is experiencing economic problems or you think it’s very close to having one, consider starting any of these 8 businesses to make money in crisis:

1. Sale of food and other basic needs

Everything that has to do with foodstuff, hygiene products, any product necessary for daily life. In times of crisis these products are the most demanded for obvious reasons. Therefore, having a store where they’re sold will always be profitable. For those who can maintain it.

business selling basic need products

2. Private transportation

This is another business that’s never affected by the crisis. Whether you dedicate yourself to be a taxi driver or create your own taxi line, you can get a lot of revenue from it. The only disadvantage are the costs to maintain a car. But if you’ll get to dedicate yourself to this business and get your own customers, you can make a lot of money.

how to make money as a taxi driver

3. Fix and repairs

In times of crisis, people almost never buy new products. They prefer to choose to repair the ones they already have because it’s cheaper and better than buying a replacement. Everything you can imagine has a place: telephones, electronic devices, household appliances, automobiles, sewing, among many other things.

how to make money fixing things

4. Pastry shop

It may not seem like it, but baking can be profitable in a crisis. There’s a good reason for this, people love everything sweet because it usually cheers the heart during sad times. Or simply, it’s a matter of habit. Cakes, cookies, fudge, brownies… If you have money to invest in it you’ll have a safe business.

how to make money with a pastry shop

5. Rental of objects

The same thing happens with fix and repairs. There are things that people prefer to rent because it’s cheaper than buying it as a new product. Luxury clothes, accessories, cameras, a car, bicycles, etc. Think of things you have and that you can rent frequently for money.

how to make money renting things

6. Liquor sales

Crisis or not, there’s nothing that gets rid of habits. People will always find a way to go out and have fun and consume drinks and liquors. Which in any case, means a lot of income for those who sell alcoholic beverages. With enough ingenuity and resources, it’s posible to do business with this.

how to make money selling liquors

7. Reuse and recycling

This involves taking objects (or parts of these objects) that appear to be unusable and recycling them. Give them a new use to be subsequently sold. Imagine electronic devices, clothes, recyclable materials… Everything you can take to sell it or transform it into something you can sell. The opportunities are high.

how to make money recycling

8. Sale of makeup and cosmetics

You may wonder, how can this be profitable? Even in crisis, there are women who are willing to pay to look nice. In fact, it happened during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Whether through the Internet or through a catalog (the traditional way), you can do lucrative business with beauty products.

how to make money selling cosmetics

These businesses have been recommended by experts for times of economic crisis. Many people are armed with courage and cunning enough to get ahead through them. It’s up to you to choose one that’s in your capacity for you to carry it out.

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