What better source of knowledge than books? Reading exercises the mind and increases creativity. The advice of many millionaires is the constant reading, that’s why we recommend these books about entrepreneurship so that you too can be a millionaire.

One of the things that characterizes great businessmen like Elon Musk and Bill Gates is their constant reading. In the case of Gates, he says he reads about 50 books a year and owes much of his knowledge to the books he reads.

On the other hand, according to ComparaGuru.com the people who read are more successful. [bctt tweet = “Remember that the habit of reading books reduces stress, teaches how to optimize time and motivates you to focus on goals.” username = “solidaridadla”]

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Motivated to encourage the habit of reading and help our readers achieve their dreams, we built a list of entrepreneurial books that will help them become millionaires.

Passion for entrepreneurship – Andy Freire

The Argentine economist Andy Freire wrote a book aimed at entrepreneurs in Latin America, with the intention of promoting the culture of innovation in the continent.

This reading focuses on experiences of the same author and his friends so that those who have an idea or a need have more knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship and business.


With this book you will learn to: detect your aptitudes for entrepreneurship, evaluate business models, define strategies to carry out your idea.

The Entrepreneur’s Manual – Steve Blank

Steve Blank creates a step-by-step type for emerging entrepreneurs. Start by explaining simple advice to start your business and end with tactics for the constant review of your business. In this way, it helps the reader throughout the process of creating an enterprise.

This is a manual that must be read more than once and has become a mandatory copy in the entrepreneurs’ library. The council is to review this book at any time of doubt or uncertainty during the development of a business.


This book provides strategies to: launch your idea, connect with your customers and validate your company.

The Lean Start-up method – Eric Ries

The Lean Strat-up method, best seller in The New York Times, proposes a business philosophy different from the conventional one. Eric Ries wrote a book designed to help a much younger entrepreneur community to develop their start-up successfully.

One of the philosophies of this book is the importance of failure and learning, since it clearly explains that start-ups need the errors to be able to perfect themselves. We could say that this book aims to design your idea through constant experimentation.

Eric Ries

This reading allows you to discover: the process of Create-Measure-Learn applied to your start-up.

Creativity and Innovation – Juan Pastor Bustamante

In a world of constant change and with so many crises around the globe, becoming an innovator is paramount. Every day markets demand more novelty and originality.

This book in addition to talking about the importance of innovation includes a series of exercises, theories and testimonies that will help you prepare your mind for innovation. It also has chapters dedicated to talk about the ways of financing companies that includes conventional (loans and risk investors) and, our favorite, crowdfunding.

Juan Pastor Bustamante

This book teaches you to: improve your creative process through exercises and manage the level of innovation in your company.

The little book to think big – Richard Newton

What differentiates this book from others are its creative illustrations, that makes it an example with a pretty graphic. But design is not the most important thing of reading, its advice and the philosophy of life that presents you, they are.

Richard Newton presents nine habits to change your attitude and shape it to achieve your dreams. In this way, it makes the reader feel that he has a big idea that can change the world and inspires him to realize it.

Richard Newton

This book shows you: small habits and ways of thinking to motivate you to trust your idea.

With these readings you will have the necessary knowledge to create a successful company and become a millionaire in the process. If you want to continue expanding your knowledge about entrepreneurship and business we suggest you see the other content we have in our blog.

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Reading brings you to success