We love to think that crowdfunding can finance anything. Believe it or not, the table games market is quite popular in collective financing platforms.

Apparently crowdfunding is quite popular for the geek community, this makes video games and even table games have a lot of profitability within the platforms. In fact, in 2016, 700 million dollars were allocated in table games.

Board games have found a reason to be in collective financing, game creators as well as users can collaborate to develop new projects that nurture their community. Let’s see some interesting examples.

Board Games Financed With Crowdfunding 1

Kingdom Death, the quintessential example

The special thing about Kingdom Death is that one of the campaigns that have raised the most in the history of crowdfunding also exceeded in an extraordinary way the amount of their goal. The goal of the creators was to collect $ 100,000 and received $ 12,393,130.

The community was delighted with the design of the board and the art of the chips that looked like miniature sculptures. In addition, the fantastic story that contains the game has a good mixture of terror and mystery to play for hours.

Domina Magica, a game for magical girls

In a previous post we talked about this campaign, what we like is that this project is proof that crowdfunding has room for all kinds of people: in this case, for fans of magical girls.

The idea of ​​the game is to make you feel part of a group of girls who acquire magical powers and must fight against evil, like the classic style of Sailor Moon. This board game raised $ 47,110 exceeding its goal of $ 10,000.

Board Games Financed With Crowdfunding 2

A board game inspired by Lovecraft

This board game, Reanimator, is based on a story by writer H.P Lovecraft called Hebert West the Reanimator. The argument here is based on the fact that the players are assistants of this mad scientist and help him with his strange experiments.

Reanimator mixes terror with science fiction to impress players with their chips and cards. His campaign was successfully financed with $ 17,412.

Sheeple, fun for family and friends

Family games also have a place in this category. The Sheeple campaign has lots of fun activities and interactions to brighten any party with family and friends. It is a game that takes half an hour and can be played by 4 to 10 people of all ages.

His crowdfunding campaign was quite attractive as he explained with images and video how to play with Sheeple, so anyone can read an annoying instructions. Sheeple, the board game, added a total of $ 10,699.

As we saw, crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to access new products with creative visions. Also, it gives these creatives advantages to develop their ideas in a creative way and with many guarantees of success. If you want to finance a board game, you can count on our platform!

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Have fun with these board games financed by crowdfunding