Being a digital newspaper from Venezuela, it should be noted that BienDateao has faced the adversities of doing journalism in that country. Which doesn’t mean things have been easy for them. Within the business of digital journalism, there are many investments that can be complicated to carry out.

What did this platform do to solve this problem? What many Latin Americans are doing today. Create a crowdfunding campaign. And today you’ll learn how they did it.

BienDateao: Where does it come from?

BienDateao is a news website about Venezuela. Originated in the Zulia state of the aforementioned country. It was founded on April 19, 2010 by Venezuelan journalist Damaso Jimenez, along with several other colleagues of his. Ever since that year, this news website has dedicated itself to bringing to its audience the latest facts, events and all kinds of relevant news about this South American country.

In the same way, they also offer opinion articles written by experts and journalists on various topics and news. Its main motto is: “The news are our center, the social our way of life”.


Damaso Jimenez BienDateao
Damaso Jimenez, journalist and owner of the BienDateao news website. Source: BienDateao

It should be noted that BienDateao updates its website frequently. They’re also very active in social networks and are always aware of important news in Venezuela. They also deal with news and topics about finance, power, culture, sports and technology.

Its crowdfunding campaign

At the beginning of this entry, we had mentioned that digital journalism had a particular problem. By this we mean that it requires a lot of money to maintain a newspaper published on the Internet. Especially in Venezuela, where it’s known that the economic crisis has considerably affected many companies and businesses in this country.

It’s for this reason that Damaso, as the owner of BienDateao, decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. As an initiative aimed at raising enough money to cover the maintenance costs of this news website. It’s important to note that Damaso also plans to improve certain things of the service.

What is the purpose of this campaign?

As we had said before, the main reason revolved around raising funds to maintain the platform. As well as carry out improvements on its website. But let’s be more specific to define in detail what’s the purpose of this crowdfunding campaign.

BienDateao seeks to obtain sufficient financing to pay for a year of web hosting. But this time with greater storage capacity, which means more space to store and save data such as profiles, information and news. In the same way, they want to finance the hiring of new journalists and staff.

BienDateao Noticias sin rumor alguno
A screenshot of the different news and opinion articles offered by BienDateao.

The reason for the aforementioned, is directed to the desire to offer better journalistic content. BienDateao hopes that by hiring new workers, they can publish material of great news value. As reportages, news and opinion articles. Likewise, they want to hire professionals in the areas of graphic design, social networks and web development.

Another goal is to buy new technical equipment such as laptops and also invest in the security and protection of the site. But most important of all, BienDateao wants to become a digital newspaper aimed at Venezuelans living both in their country and abroad.

How does it plan to achieve the goal?

Of course, it all starts with the crowdfunding campaign. Damaso began his journey by publishing his campaign on the Internet, where he wrote its purpose in detail. He created a perk system to encourage contributions to his campaign. And he included a video where he explains what his campaign is about.

A very important fact is that Damaso began to approach his closest contacts. Something quite relevant to take into account that we have reiterated many times in past posts. Why? Since doing this is vital to making your campaign known, much better if you do it before publishing it.

Is it possible to contribute to this campaign…?

BienDateao’s crowdfunding campaign is hosted on our platform and is still active. You can access it through this link so you can read all the information about it. By contributing to this campaign you would be helping many Venezuelans receive truthful information 24 hours a day. Go on!

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This is how digital journalism is maintained through crowdfunding…