One way to attract the attention of donors is with an inspiring video, in the case of these campaigns much of their success is due to the fact that they had a creative and entertaining material for anyone.

An image says more than a thousand words and now when you can see thousands of videos and images online, it is easier to make an impact through a video than with a text.

The Best Crowdfunding Videos That Came to Success 1

We have already said before that crowdfunding campaigns have more chances of success when they make a video and if a much better quality video is made, as is the case of the videos that we present below.

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube, as the campaign shows, is the solution for people who are very anxious or who simply can not keep their hands quiet. The creators of the Matthew and Mark McLachlan campaign, knew how to express it very well through their video.

This video has several of the features that make successful campaigns: tell a story creatively and show the benefits of the product.

The goal of this campaign was $ 15,000 and ended up collecting $ 6,465,690

Coolest Cooler

This is one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns (although, I end badly). The concept of the product is quite interesting it is a multifunctional cooler that you have from a cell phone horns to a blender.

One of the advantages of the video is that it is recorded with a very good quality, but more than the quality of the image, the video is developed in a very enjoyable way and details the Coolest Cooler functions, having any person identify with the campaign.

At first I request $ 50,000 but the campaign liked the public so much that I ended up collecting $ 13,285,226

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a game of cards with very unusual characters, most of them are cats. The objective is to avoid explosive cats so as not to lose the game.

The video had many points in its favor, besides being explained with animations, it tells in a very attractive and entertaining way for the type of audience that is directed. The style is quite original, in addition, conveys the essence and personality of the creators.

The success of the campaign can be noticed because they raised $ 8,782,571 exceeding the goal of $ 10,000

Saving Eliza

Another way to capture your audience is in the sentimental way. For example, Eliza, is a girl who suffers from the strange Sanfilippo syndrome, a disease that causes attention deficit, mood swings, even stomach and respiratory problems. One of the serious consequences of this disease is that most adolescents die. in their teens.

Fortunately, Eliza’s parents were able to detect this disease in time and through a video they managed to connect with that emotional part showing how they played with the girl, making many people understand what the disease is about and how to collect the money.

Although the campaign did not reach the goal, if I collect a large part of it, taking into account the amount of money they requested. In the end they reached $ 2,114,250 of $ 3,000,000

All these are good examples that can be applied to have an attractive crowdfunding video and help your campaign reach the goal.

We emphasize that a creative material is not decided by the quality of its image if not by the level of ingenuity that the creators of their campaign have to explain their initiative through images.

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Be creative with your crowdfunding video