Crowdfunding has become a very strong industry in the world and has evolved every year. It got known thanks to the birth of various digital platforms that allowed many people to create their own crowdfunding campaigns to obtain the financing they need. For that same reason, today we’ll meet the latest and best trends for crowdfunding seen in 2018.

Crowdfunding trends for 2018

Although it may be hard to believe, the truth is that crowdfunding has always been around us. It’s known that as far back as 1989, the Spanish rock band Extremoduro financed their first album through crowdfunding, which allowed them to obtain 250,000 pesetas. In 2003 and 2004, this financing method began to take a boom to finance films.

But it wasn’t until 2007 that it became what is known today. During that year, the crowdfunding platform that started it all up was being developed: Kickstarter. From there, various types of platforms that popularized crowdfunding began to be born. Even some focused on people or particular needs.

Particular platforms

In fact, most crowdfunding websites tend to maintain a very general line. Ergo, we’re talking about those platforms that allow financing all kinds of projects: from art, photography, technology and food. And all they do is charge a commission solely for the use of their platforms for each campaign.

There are platforms that were created to meet certain needs or to satisfy certain clients. One of them is YouCaring, a platform focused on personal causes and non-profits, right in 2018 is one of the most recognized and used nowadays. This platform doesn’t charge a commission and allows the user to dispose of each contribution right away.

Art Crowdfunding
It’s possible to find crowdfunding platforms directed specifically for art and painting projects. As well as others for charity campaigns or book publishing, etc.

Another example is Patreon, which has become very popular today among artists of all kinds. It allows them to receive sponsorships through monthly subscriptions of their fans, while also making it possible to offer “rewards” to thank them for their support. In fact, the platform encourages users to offer rewards to their fans.

As new particular platforms are born, others are created taking advantage of the evolution of the economy in the world. Or also, from the positive or negative economic changes that could occur in some countries. For this reason, we see how these platforms are created through these new resources.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

For connoisseurs of the matter, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have become more than a trend today. New projects, businesses and companies based on these last two elements have been developing very rapidly in recent times. And as expected, they also began to be included in crowdfunding.

The trend that revolves around cryptocurrencies is that some crowdfunding platforms accept them as payment methods. Since it’s a digital currency, cryptocurrencies are very easy to process, transfer and use for payments. Especially because they have less regulation compared to the traditional currencies.

crowdfunding platforms that accept cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and similar ones are beginning to be accepted as payment methods in crowdfunding platforms.

Some projects or crowdfunding platforms are based on blockchain technology. Which allows any type of digital information to be distributed but not copied on the Internet, one of these platforms is Starbase. Which promotes projects or companies to cryptocurrency communities so they can provide financing to them.

With this, we continue to observe how entrepreneurs and businesses adapt crowdfunding to these new technologies. With these advances, entrepreneurs have encountered new opportunities never before seen in crowdfunding. Some of them, that already known, are coming back to take the lead.

Equity crowdfunding and start-up accelerators

These two initiatives have already existed for a while, but are currently being used in entrepreneurship. Precisely we have equity crowdfunding. A financing method that differs from traditional crowdfunding.

The idea is that a project, instead of attracting an audience with a perk system, can choose to offer benefits, rents, shares or participations. Thus, the contributors become investors and also become part of the capital of the company. Therefore, certain platforms such as Wefunder and Localstake allow raising funds with this system.

Crowdfunding Investment
In equity crowdfunding, there are no contributors but investors. Since these will receive in exchange for giving money shares within the business. This method of financing is aimed at companies.

Then there are the start-up accelerators. Although they have been in existence for more than a decade, they have chosen to adopt crowdfunding as another alternative. But first of all, it should be noted that a start-up accelerator offers business mentoring and also fundraising support.

The problem is that some of these accelerators have a hard time adapting to the incessant technological advances. For this reason, platforms such as Virgin StartUp are creating programs that “accelerate” crowdfunding in start-ups and allows them to obtain financing through it. A trend that perhaps many entrepreneurs would like to take into account.

Like business and the economy, crowdfunding continues to change to offer new things. Some forms of financing based on crowdfunding have also returned in 2018 to give new opportunities to emerging companies and entrepreneurs. And of course, it never hurts to get on the wave generated by these trends.

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Let’s take advantage of the new crowdfunding trends in 2018!