Despite the adversities that the Latin American continent faces, such as corruption and economic inequality, there are several countries that offer an alternative to the business world. Here you have the best countries to do business in Latin America.

Latin America has a reputation for corruption and economic inequality at the international level, but this does not mean that there are now policies that bet on successful businesses that attract the attention of several investors outside the Americas.

To make this count, we look at a study conducted by the United Nations World Bank entitled Doing Business, which analyzes the ease with which you can establish business in the 189 member countries of the UN. The results include information on the payment of taxes until the registration of your company.


4 Best Countries To Do Business in Latin America 1
Bogota Capital of Colombia. Source: SILICE

Colombia is ranked 53rd in the Doing Business world ranking. Its main advantage is that you can create a partnership with shareholders and directors who are not Colombian residents, you can start with a capital of $ 1. Another point in favor is that the country has a free trade with the United States, Canada, Mexico and the EU.

  1. Peru

    4 Best Countries To Do Business in Latin America 2
    Lima, Capital of Peru. Photo: Nations Online

Peru has the lowest registration rate of the entire region that reduces the paperwork of your company, in fact, the average time to establish your company is 12 weeks. In addition, you do not need to make long trips to do paperwork, but you will need some kind of peruvian partner.

But the great advantage is its stable environment, which according to Latin Business Index 2015 Peru is the third country with the most political transparency in Latin America, this is reflected in the fair and fruitful commercial strategies.


4 Best Countries To Do Business in Latin America 3
Santiago, Capital of Chile. Photo: Chile Travel

The third country with the most stable economy in the area is Chile. According to Axel Christensen, director of economic strategies, “Chile is still a good place to invest in the institutional framework, rules of the game and seriousness in the management of its macroeconomic policy,” says the expert.

Black Rock is an example of a US company that decided to invest in Chile. The country’s special programs and free trade help this company to establish itself in the market.

  1. Mexico

    4 Best Countries To Do Business in Latin America 4
    Mexico D.F. Source:ErasMusu

In recent years the cost of doing business in Mexico has been reduced, making it an attractive destination for new investors. The main sector where there is more production by foreign companies is the automotive industry, and countries such as the United States and South America have placed their plants on Mexican lands.

In addition, Mexico has a wide variety of natural resources, including its vast amount of different minerals. We can not fail to mention that Mexico has a strategic location, which is border with a world power and is a gateway to the rest of the Latin American countries.

Business Latin America

Despite the advantages that the continent can offer to emerging entrepreneurs, there are still many factors that must be improved to create businesses more efficiently. I go into these details to improve corruption and the amount of paperwork to register a company.


Latin America, there is room for business.