When you want to lead an entrepeneurship, several factors are taken into account: circumstances, obstacles, our talents and … Why not our age? Well, according to studies, each stage of life has a different influence on the development of an entrepreneur.

Something that the successful Mark Zuckenberg and Bill Gates have in common is that they both started their business at age 20, either in their college dorm or in the garage of their home. However, this does not mean that 20 years is the best age to learn (although it has its advantages). Experts say that you have more success when you start at 30.

The Best Age to Start a Business Successfully 1
Mark Zuckenberg began at age 20 and achieved success at age 30. Photo: Vanitatis

Previously we explained that success is not created from one day to another, it takes time and a lot of dedication, as an example, we have actors of the likes of Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford and Samuel Jackson who reached economic success after 40 years.

According to a study carried out by the Kauffman Foundation, where the age of the new entrepreneurs and the percentage of success were analyzed, it was discovered that the age at which the best chance is achieved with a new business is at 39 years of age.

The Best Age to Start a Business Successfully 2

Advantages of starting a business at 30 years

When you reach the third floor of life you already have a stable job and a previous work experience. You have much more experience (and awareness) than you have at the early 20 years. So if you are in this stage of life, you should consider undertaking for the following reasons: –

Disposition: At 30, you have more discipline, the ability to dedicate yourself daily to a project

Clear goals: at this point, you know what kind of life you want, you know your purpose better, undertaking can be the way to get there.

There is more resilience capacity: at this age failure is taken in a better way, allowing to recognize errors and failures.

Balance between technology and work: When you reach this age it is understood that technological advances are useful to enhance a project and there is no fear of investing all the time of work that entails.

The maturity one has at 30 influences a lot to reach the success, in addition one learns the virtue of the patience so that little by little the results of the project are fruitful

The Best Age to Start a Business Successfully 3

If you are in your 20s you can also be succeesfull

That the best age to start is 30, does not mean that the twenty-somethings are not capable of creating a business. Despite the fact that arrogance and the fallacy of experience play against it, enthusiasm and energy are the shortcut to success. Actually, undertaking in this age has its benefits.

Less risk-averse: there is more willingness to dare in unknown terrain because you have much less to lose.

Longer time to recover from failure: just as this is the right age to venture, so is it to fail. It is very common to have a failure at that age, but that allows you to build more effective ideas and businesses.

More dedication to the project: according to Carlos Julián, the entrepreneurs in their 20s are likely to not have a family to support, so they have time to focus on solving the problems of a company. This also makes them much more efficient.

The Best Age to Start a Business Successfully 4

If you are 20 and want to start successfully, you should partner with someone who has more experience, and at the same time be a mentor to you. This would overcome the obstacle of lack of experience to make more effective decisions.

Starting a business brings several in your life as autonomy and the opportunity to be your own boss. That is why it is never too late or too early to create a project, as long as you have the right attitude for it. Remember that love is power!

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No matter how old you are, do not be afraid to start a business!