You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned the press many times. Especially when it comes to promoting a crowdfunding campaign. We had the opportunity to explain how to contact it, but why do it? Today we’ll give you 5 benefits for your crowdfunding campaign if you contact the press.

5 benefits of contacting the press for your crowdfunding campaign

Of many ways that exist to promote a campaign, people tend to focus on social media. This isn’t bad, but relying on a single way doesn’t guarantee being able to raise money at the beginning of the campaign. For the same reason, it’s advisable to contact the press. And today you’ll know why.

1. Lets your campaign to go viral

The viralization of content in the Internet happens when a unit of information can “reproduce” by itself. Without having to resort to a manual or forced promotion. Your campaign will spread quickly by word of mouth and will be shared by people. Simply for being what it is.

viralization press crowdfunding campaign

2. Digital media will talk about your campaign

If prestigious digital media speak well of your campaign, it’ll improve your reputation. Consider that these digital media are very serious and make reviews of campaigns (usually products or services) selectively. So if you manage to contact one of large scale and convince them, you increase your chances of success.

digital media promotion crowdfunding campaign

3. It allows you to make allies and connect

Another advantage of the press is that it can come back to your side. Namely, you can meet journalists and writers who will be willing to work with you later. As long as you have left a good impression on them for this to happen. If so, it’s very possible that they can support you in future projects.

allies promotion crowdfunding campaign

4. You’ll reach many more people

The reach will of course depend on the level of readers or subscribers that the newspaper or digital media that you approach has. But even if it’s a local one, don’t be discouraged. It’s important to multiply visits to your campaign because only a small part of them will become contributions.

reach promotion crowdfunding campaign

5. Your campaign will be very well positioned

And with position, we mean that it’ll gain a good reputation and could even be above others. Although competition isn’t the key, having your campaign reviewed in a positive way helps a lot. Especially if it’s by writers, journalists or newspapers of high esteem and credibility.

positioning promotion crowdfunding campaign

Contacting the press for your crowdfunding campaign has its benefits. It should be taken into account that not all campaigns lend themselves to a review in a newspaper or digital media. Usually there’s more focus on innovative products but still, your campaign could get the attention of some digital newspaper!

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