Ensuring that a crowdfunding campaign receives contributions is extremely important. And for this a series of communication strategies are carried out to address the public during its duration. However, it’s also important to think about post-campaign strategies that allow you to maintain a good relationship with your contributors at the end of your crowdfunding campaign.

What you should do at the end of your crowdfunding campaign

To ensure the success of a crowdfunding campaign, it’s advisable to have a network of allies or “ambassadors” who can support your campaign. Through this it’s possible to obtain a large number of donations as well as a large scope. Because these allies can help you capture contributors and thus create your own community.

However, the relationship you have with your community doesn’t die when your campaign ends. You must try to keep it active even when you raised collected all the money. So that you can count on its support to continue spreading your project. Especially if it’s a product or service. But even if that’s not the case, there are more reasons to maintain your community. See our tips:

Have the support of an ambassador

It’s important to perceive the ambassador as a mentor, namely, as a person who can provide valuable knowledge in planning and dissemination. So asking for their opinion about the campaign will be very helpful. Having the “networking” of the ambassador will be a fundamental piece for the campaign, since you can benefit from the contacts of the ambassador’s networking network.

The work will be easier if the ambassador is well known in their community. This will allow you to get support (with commitment) from people, as well as communicate the campaign to those contacts. Having an ambassador will also help you achieve greater closeness with your potential contributors. Facilitating the process of attention to them. This individual will allow your campaign to have more confidence and credibility.

ambassador ally crowdfunding campaign
Finding an ambassador/ally means finding someone with “connections”. That can put your campaign in contact with potential contributors or help promote it. Source: Business Destination

Create a support network for the campaign

It’s not enough to receive a contribution, but also to ensure that the contributor commits to the campaign and helps in its dissemination. Having a mailing list of those who have contributed to your campaign would be beneficial. This way, you can send them “newsletters” with the latest news of your campaign to keep them informed of the latest developments in your project.

In addition, asking for their support for the dissemination will guarantee the increase in the number of contributors. Because each person that contributes will receive newsletters. And this material will have informative elements that they’ll share with future contributors. These people will receive first-hand information about the campaign from someone who already contributed money.

contributors networking crowdfunding campaign
Use the available means to invite people to participate in your campaign. It’s not necessary that you do it frequently, but sporadically. Source: Merca2.0 Magazine

More than contributors, a community

The community is a group of people with whom you interact around a specific topic. In this case, your crowdfunding campaign. If you make the contributor become part of your community, you’ll make them spread your campaign on their social networks. And at the same time feel identified with your campaign. You can also offer rewards for people who share your campaign with others.

Within the strategies to create a community, you can create a blog where you talk about the development and topics related to your project. This is something that’s usually done during the months of campaign preparation. So if you have a blog for your campaign, you can keep it active with updates on the progress of your project or cause that you financed with crowdfunding.

how to keep a community crowdfunding
People with shared interests meet and share what they like. The same goes for a crowdfunding campaign. Source: 24 Seven Talent

Fulfill the rewards

An important aspect to maintain your community is to be responsible. If you made a promise to your contributors, you must fulfill it in the time you said you would. Mainly, if it’s about the rewards of your campaign. You must be prepared to act according to the money you’ve collected and the demand that you have for rewards.

Many famous and successful campaigns lost prestige and reputation due to delays with rewards. One of them being the Coolest Cooler, one of the crowdfunding campaigns that has raised the most money on the Internet. You can dispose a part of the money that you raised in your campaign to pay for the shipments. And other expenses generated to guarantee the responsible delivery of rewards.

rewards campaign end
It takes ingenuity to offer attractive rewards. But that don’t mean too much expense for you either. Variety is also important when offering rewards.

Allow your contributors to know you and learn from you. Always use a casual and open language. That way, people will feel comfortable with you and you’ll win their appreciation. It should be noted, that providing accurate information on the progress your campaign is convenient. This way you’ll get to know yourself as someone who fulfills what’s promised.

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