A crowdfunding campaign becomes a reality through your donations, without donations the designer can not realize his dreams, that’s why it is necessary to know the keys to attract collaborators to your campaign.

We understand that attracting collaborators is not an easy task, but if you use the right techniques you can get the amount of donations needed and even more. It’s all about knowing how to draw the attention of your

From now we explain that the content, promotion and updating are key factors for your community to be interested in collaborating for your campaign, later we will explain why.

Provide an email service

One of the things that should be done before conducting a crowdfunding campaign is to have an e-mail marketing service that captures stakeholders prior to the launch of the proposal. This will generate a community of future donors prepared to support you.

Remember that this e-mail service is not only useful for the beginning of your project, it should accompany you during and after the campaign, if you want to know the importance of email marketing for your crowdfunding campaigns, click here.

Keys To Attract Collaborators to Your Campaign 1

Publish quality content

In a previous post about storytelling, we talked about how people love good stories and how they can connect with our project through them. Then, creating a quality content is based on a description that generates engagement and that explains with details of what your campaign is about.

The content of the campaign also includes the crowdfunding video that is very important to demonstrate to your community the benefits of your project.

Keys To Attract Collaborators to Your Campaign 2

Keep a transparent campaign

When asking for money it is necessary to be as honest as possible, do not be afraid to admit some weaknesses that your foundation or your project has and to present the specific budget of your crowdfunding campaigns, since the collaborators need to know for what purpose the money.

Keys To Attract Collaborators to Your Campaign 3

Promote your idea

While it is true that the email service is useful, it is also a way to promote the campaign, but it is not the only one. You have to look for both online and offline strategies to publicize our campaign and attract contributors.

Online strategies also include having a good diffusion of the campaign on social networks and offline strategies can be create an event, make flyers or networking.

Keys To Attract Collaborators to Your Campaign 4

Constant update of progress

Updating the progress of the campaign is a way of accountability to the collaborators of the campaign Why? Well, because that way they make sure that the money contributed is really serving something.

Once you have a satisfied community, the collaborators will increase by themselves, since they will have good references from the previous contributors.

Keys To Attract Collaborators to Your Campaign 5

These strategies are key to attracting employees to your crowdfunding campaign, if you follow it you will have many opportunities to obtain the donations you need to materialize your ideas. You just have to have a lot of focus, a lot of dedication and a lot of desire to be successful.

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