A subject always discussed in the art world, is the difficulty that artists have to finance their works. Theater, music, painting, dances, any form of entertainment. All of this requires financing one way or another. Apparently, artists have found a way to obtain it through crowdfunding. Today we’ll see how they do it.

Crowdfunding for artists?

Art, in all its forms, has always required money. Make movies, create paintings, produce music, assemble a play or choreography… Wherever you look at it, you’ll always need to make some investment. Especially to the extent that an artistic idea is more ambitious and great. But how about those artists who live permanently on art?

There has always been a debate about whether art is a profitable job that can one can make a living from. And there are those who disagree and others who say that it’s possible. Here we have to make a pause, because it’s time to talk about an alternative that was recently born. Many artists are now betting on crowdfunding to make a living through. How have they done it…?

how artists use crowdfunding
Regardless of the purpose, an artist can create a crowdfunding campaign or take advantage of this financing method not only for their own benefit but also their fans’.

First of all, it should be noted that for many years now, several musical artists have financed their projects with crowdfunding. Eventually, this trend was popularized among painters, seamstresses, sculptors, craftsmen and all kinds of artists. Before this boom of people eager to finance their art, the need to adapt crowdfunding for these creators arose.

This is how some crowdfunding platforms aimed at artists emerged. How are they different from the rest of the conventional platforms? Well, these platforms allow the offering of rewards (works created by artists) to which their followers will have access to. Of course, in exchange for a certain amount of money donated.

For artists, creators and animators

Crowdfunding for artists isn’t limited to people who create traditional art. It has diversified so much that now it gives space to writers, bloggers, Youtubers, illustrators, among other kinds of people who entertain with their content. This means a great opportunity for these artists to make a living from what they like best.

Of course, this isn’t as simple as it seems. For an artist to resort to crowdfunding and make a living from it, they must create sufficiently attractive content. Attractive enough so that there are people willing to give contributions (however small they may be). This allows the artist to receive a kind of “salary” from their fans and followers.

digital artists crowdfunding
Although crowdfunding isn’t exclusively for traditional artists, those who have adapted to the digital era have managed to get more out of it. Source: Brock University

As we mentioned before, crowdfunding for artists isn’t about just receiving money. To encourage donations and to reward people, artists offer exclusive content in exchange for the money earned. This content can be a special privilege, which is based on the type of content that an artist can offer.

Artists use social networks and payment platforms to request contributions and patrons from their fans. In this way, they can get enough money not only to continue producing art, but to live and meet their own needs. Although for this it’s still very important to create a base of followers very loyal to the artist.

how artists use social media crowdfunding
For an artist to get the most out of crowdfunding, they must use social networks to create a community of followers and fans. Ergo, people who estimate their work enough to offer the artist financial support. Source: GraphicMama

In short, through effort, authenticity and creativity, artists can live from crowdfunding. Whether for the realization of specific projects or to create art on a recurring basis. Which means a great encouragement for those talented people who yearn to live permanently in art.

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Create art happily with crowdfunding!