Collective financing has provided opportunities for various types of artists and professionals, including architects. In this article we will see how crowdfunding supports architecture and how city is improved from this.

Architecture is one of the first artistic manifestations of humanity, so much so that it is very common to study the artistic manifestations of a country at a given time through architectural constructions. In this way, architecture beyond being art fulfills the function of providing facilities and useful spaces to a city.

The relationship of architecture with crowdfunding exists and works of this type can be built through massive donations. However, not everyone agrees, according to a report called Against Kickstarter Urbanism to create a building you need more than $ 5 and a good idea

“A suitable financing platform for a watch is not a suitable financing platform for a city. Expectations, deadlines and the relevant community are wildly different. […] The timeline of urban projects, the permissions required in real life and the enormous construction costs are very inadequate for the Kickstarter approach. […] A park will require a lot more than € 5 and a “Good idea!”

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However, successful projects show that crowdfunding is a way to streamline funds, volunteering, resources and encouragement to start the project. Of course, the patrons must understand that it will take a long time for them to see the fruits of their donation.

Successful architectural initiatives thanks to crowdfunding

sLAB Costa Rica: building a recycling center for Nosara

The students of the New York Institute of Technology wanted to help build a recycling center in Costa Rica and make a documentary about it. For that they carried out a crowdfunding campaign requesting $ 15,000 and received $ 21,350.

The design of the project was to build a kind of pavilion to store recyclable materials and generate environmental awareness among the inhabitants of the community. This pavilion is divided into 3 zones: a classification center, open reception and support spaces, associated with gardens that will allow the community to share and participate in the recycling process, as indicated by the Plataforma Arquitectura portal.

Architecture with crowdfunding, improving cities 2

Rehabilitation of Fábrika para toda la vida

Architecture not only refers to construction, but also reconstruction. This is the case of the Fábrika project throughout life, which seeks the rehabilitation of ships to use them as cultural spaces.

This campaign had the goal of 4,500 euros and exceeded its goal by collecting 6,000 euros. With the money they were able to convert disused spaces into a class of factories for the social management of the territory and cultural growth.

Architecture with crowdfunding, improving cities 3

We love how crowdfunding can fulfill multiple functions to be applied in so many sectors such as business and art. These architectural projects show that if you want to develop a work of architecture but do not have the resources, you can request them with our platform.

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Crowdfunding helps you build architecture