Apps make life easier for us, we can connect with our loved ones, make activities easier and even learn something new. Currently applications are making life easier for thousands of people, that’s why their creation is so important.

We love seeing developers and inventors of applications. If you are one of those we recommend that you use crowdfunding to finance your idea.

Why crowdfunding? Well because you have the advantage of resorting to massive and independent funds, it also allows you to be closer to your future clients and users. If you still do not believe us, here are some examples.

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Apps financed with crowdfunding

Slobbr ~

This application is ideal for dog lovers. Slobbr allows you to create a profile to publish the adventures of your dog pet, but the most important thing is that it allows you to connect with other dog owners to talk about the best products and goods for your pet.

This application managed to finance itself by collecting $ 66,067, which is a little more than $ 65,000.

Facets Kids

Facets is an app that offers a streaming service. This app compiles movies and independent children’s series from all over the world. The application was created with three fundamental principles: Providing critical thinking in children, increasing the exposure of different cultures in the children’s audience and protecting minors from any inappropriate content.

Facets has a catalog of more than 400 films from more than 40 different countries with 25 different languages. This project was successfully funded thanks to the $ 54,851 that was collected.

Fluent Forever

Beyond learning to translate a language, you want to think in that language to be able to speak it fluently. Fluent Forever works with that same premise.

What is FluentForever? It is an app to learn to think in another language, so it is designed to take you to know nothing about a language to speak it fluently. It works through different didactic games and exercises where you learn and get information from native speakers of the language.

Dr. Muscle

This app serves as a specialized trainer that is there for you when you need it. Why? Because it’s in your pocket.

Dr. Muscle uses artificial intelligence to advise you in your training process, thus saving time and money in getting a real coach. You can apply this app as much as to start at a gym or to use at home.

These app are amazing, right? If you also have an idea so wonderful, do not hesitate to share it on our platform.

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Crowdfunding is used to finance the coolest apps